• Sharrow Marine Announces Performance Reports Page on Website

    Performance Reports Now Available

    The award-winning Sharrow Propeller™ performance data shows the incredible performance attributes of the Sharrow Propeller™ on different boat/motor configurations.


    Sharrow Marine collected data on a Galeon 325 GTO with twin Mercury 400 HP outboards. The boat has a L.O.A of 32’ 9” and a beam of 10’ 11” and a deadrise of 21. Dry weight is listed as 14,200 lbs. and the estimated test weight was 15,200 lbs. The customer asked us to develop a propeller that would get the boat on plane at a lower RPM and keep it on plane at lower RPM to allow a greater range of cruising speeds.

    Full release and more information is available at Sharrow Marine's website.


    • The Rev4 propellers needed 5000 RPM to maintain a planing configuration. The Sharrow Propellers were able to maintain plane at 4000 RPM, greatly extending and widening the usable on-plane speed range.
    • Both sets of propellers achieved similar WOT RPM levels. 6225 RPM for the Revolution 4’s and 6325 RPM for the Sharrow Marine props.

    • The Advance Rate of the Sharrow props was much higher throughout midrange RPMs and contributed to being able to achieve a wider range of cruising speeds.

    • The 0-30 acceleration of the Sharrow Propeller was 10.76 seconds vs 16.53 for the Rev4 propellers
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    1. Petey's Avatar
      Petey -
      Engines aren't even in peak power band and the stock Rev 4 is still faster, try again with a 13 pitch Rev 4 XP and it'll be better in every aspect..
    1. 25two.stroke's Avatar
      25two.stroke -
      Kinda looks like the only benefit is in the just under planing speed and barely planing. Thats where its more efficient than a revo 4. Everywhere else its the same. So if you wanna go the speed that noone wants to go then get a $10,000, otherwise stick with a $1000 prop.
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