• Hellkats Powerboats Founder Renier Marino's Body Recovered Near Julia Tuttle Causeway After He Went Missing

    An Energetic and Tireless Innovator Taken Much Too Soon

    36-year-old Hellkats Powerboats founder Renier “Rey” Marino went missing several days ago during a test of a new 32-foot cat, and a large search began immediately. Unfortunately, many people were fearing the worst, and Rey's body was recovered yesterday near Julia Tuttle Causeway in Biscayne Bay.

    The 32-foot Hellkats cat was found with significant damage, though there are no specific details about what caused the accident. Marino left to test this boat on Tuesday prior to delivery to a customer, and he never returned.

    Marino was known as a hands-on person, playing an integral role in every aspect of his creations, from design to building them. I never met Rey, but we spoke several times about running a feature article on Hellkats, and I deeply regret that this never happened. I think we are all guilty to some degree of taking life for granted, and through he was taken much too soon, Marino left his mark on high performance powerboating that will live on, and to all those that knew him.

    I think I speak for most people here at Scream And Fly when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with Rey's family.
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    1. InjectorService's Avatar
      InjectorService -
      Rest in peace Rey, gone too soon. Your passion for the sport was inspring. Thoughts and prayers to all friends and family.
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      Quote Originally Posted by MrG;[URL="tel:3317327" View Post
      3317327[/URL]]I’m going out on a limb here but I know In Florida you are required to be off plane idle only going with in 100 feet of bridges.
      So Sad that happened
      Honor Ray as the pioneer and entrepreneur that he was. Keep your comments concerning the circumstances to yourself and don’t go out on the limb.
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      Quote Originally Posted by trbocharge View Post
      honor ray as the pioneer and entrepreneur that he was. Keep your comments concerning the circumstances to yourself and don’t go out on the limb.
      well said!!
    1. tristyn wogoman's Avatar
      tristyn wogoman -
      Well said greg ! had a few conversations with Rey and he was even at the last Alva run , my heart goes out to the family of Reys , RIP BROTHER
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      Frank Molé -
      very sad so sorry..
    1. joshuah40's Avatar
      joshuah40 -
      Soo Soo Sorry to Rays Family in person and his boating family & all that knew him. He will definitely be miss by all RIP brother boater...
    1. Odptransport's Avatar
      Odptransport -
      Rest In Peace my brother, one day we will ride again together
    1. davidson02's Avatar
      davidson02 -
      Indeed a very shocking news, Rest in Peace Brother.
      Davidson from Waco
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      jeromekhun -
      I'm very sorry to hear this. Rest in Peace brother. Too soon!
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      jeromekhun -
      All of your friends and family are in my thoughts and prayers. He will be missed greatly. Thank you for informing us about this.
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      EthanWalker -
      Sad to hear this news. Prayers for his soul.
      -Ethan of clearwater beach jet ski
    1. jeromekhun's Avatar
      jeromekhun -
      My heart goes out to Reys' family. REST IN PEACE, BROTHER - web designer
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