• Loss Of Rare HydroStream Boats in Fire

    A Fellow HydroStream Fanatic Can Use Our Help

    When Scream And Fly began over 20 years ago, one of its main goals was to be a meeting place where fellow performance boaters can share tips and help others. Scream And Fly actually began as a HydroStream website, and I know from personal experience how attached we can become to these boats. Well, a really bad event has taken place and this might be a way to help. Mark (Flowmaxx on the forums) made this post to detail what happened, and its mission:

    Many of you may know Dan Oliver. He is a good friend of ours and a valued member of the HydroStream community. On August 15, there was a fire in DanO's shop and all of his beloved HydroStreams were inside and were a complete loss. Among the list is his absolutely mint 77 Vulture along with his Panther, Mini-VooDoo, Venus and Vasserette. In addition, he lost several vintage muscle cars along with all of his other collectibles, parts, tools and memories.

    Aftermath of the fire that destroyed several boats and cars

    To make matters worse, it sounds like none of it is going to be insured. We do not know all of the facts and we are not looking for any criticism of the situation. What we do know is that he is our friend and what's done is done. It is a very sad and unfortunate occurrence and our friend DanO is grieving his losses. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire, but a S & F friend more-or-less lost his entire life's work in this unfortunate situation.

    DanO travels for work and does not have a regular home, because he is gone so much. He spends the summers at his shop and in his camper near the Mississippi. Dan is personally responsible for our group getting to meet Howard Pipkorn, which fulfilled a life-long dream for many of us. DanO is a genuine guy that has helped may others and now we need to help him.

    DanO did have a couple cars and boats that were parked outside and not near the fire. They survived, but they are not mint, like prized examples that were lost inside the building. Outside, was a Vamp that was a work in progress and had the core/floor/transom done a few years ago by the late Brian Carhart from Carhart Glass.

    Several of us discussed it and agreed we should get that boat down to our area in order to help DanO get back on the water in respectable fashion. Scotty (bruzercomp81) Janna, and I went and picked up the blue Vamp for "safe keeping" and we plan on making sure DanO doesn’t miss a season of boating. With him being all over the country, he cannot even adequately deal with what happened. We plan on fixing up this boat for him and the goal is not make it a show queen but something nice & reliable that he can use, enjoy and hopefully be proud of. We have already received an outpouring of help and donated parts and are assembling a list of labor volunteers. Below is a list of parts that we need to complete the project and are hopeful that some of you may sympathize with DanO and offer up and spare parts, from the list,that you may not need anymore. We will also accept paypal donations for those willing to chip in. In either case, we all know how the S & F community steps up to help their people.

    The boat basically needs a full restoration, other than the core/floor/transom which are presumed to be good because they were recently completed. The boat needs to be fully sanded since there was a prior attempt at re-gelcoating the boat that did not turn out. The top cap will be painted or wrapped, the boat will get new interior, gauges, and accessories.

    We plan to post progress pics on here so all can see what we are doing. Several of us have not posted on here in a while and hope that this brings some positivity to the community and brings people together for a good cause. DanO doesn't get on this site real often and this may end up being a total surprise. Perhaps he does find out about it, but that is ok too because we are sure he could use something good in his life and something to look forward to.

    Thanks in advance for all of your support. A paypal acccount has been setup to accept donations. Please send to Dans77Vamp@gmail.com. Please be sure to include your name and any contact information. We are keeping track of everything as a group and do plan on letting Dan know who all helped as I am sure he will be grateful and will want to thank you. You can also PM me or Schramer if you have any questions.

    Click here for the main discussion post on the forums

    The initial list:

    Dual Cable Rotary Steering
    Keyswitch harness
    Fuel pump (Holley Red)
    Trailer rims/tires - 5 lug
    Tie up Ropes
    Boat Cover
    Motor cover
    Cleats - 2 (2 hole) 2 (4 hole)
    Chrome bilge vents - 2
    Battery switch
    External Trim pump
    Transom eyes (2)
    Paint Materials
    misc supplies
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