• Very Rare STV Tunnel-Vee Available For Sale

    STV enthusiasts will get excited over this one

    Over the years we've seen many rare and historic boats pass through our Buy and Sell Marketplace, and for the STV enthusiasts, this is one for you.

    This beautiful, restored and extremely rare STV tunnel-vee is owned by Jim Kay and is powered by a SportMaster-equipped Mercury Racing 300XS. The design of this hull is very reminiscent of a HydroStream YT, though this boat is larger, being 20-feet. Reportedly, six were produced, and two of those were factory-made stern-drive models.
    In their early years, STV experimented with a few hull designs, including a V-bottom and of course, this example of a tunnel-vee. These boats are extremely rare now, and finding a restored model such as this particular example would likely be a once-in-a-lifetime event, so if you're interested, click here to get in touch with the owner to purchase it.

    Click here to view the listing for this STV

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    1. Noah Burns's Avatar
      Noah Burns -
      "reminiscent of a hydrostream yt" Really? It's reminiscent of a Laser LTV maybe, considering it's the same thing... comparing it to a hydrostream is insulting to all STV/LTV owners.
    1. hastingsjolene's Avatar
      hastingsjolene -
      Well, I really like it though. Seems nice to me.

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