• Alva River Run 2021 Photos

    A Truly Incredible Experience!

    The Alva River Run was just amazing. The entire island was like one giant party barge with boats all around it, and not an extra space to be spared. It really is a great location and there were no mishaps of any kind. Hanging out on the island with a panoramic view of all the boats really was exactly what I needed after being in lockdown so long. The variety of boats there was astounding, from a classic Checkmate to one of Wildman Randy's Liberator creations and almost everything you can imagine was present. It really was a great day to shoot photos.

    Tristyn Wogoman and the people that set this up really created a first-class experience. Chris Justice came with his Talon 22 and running up the river in it was a lot of fun, and speaking of Talons, there were quite a few there. I also wanted to thank Nic Hill for allowing me to use his boat as a photo platform, and getting front-row seats to all those boats going by was just awesome.

    I can't wait to get out there again. And now, the photos!

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    1. tristyn wogoman's Avatar
      tristyn wogoman -
      was a hell of a time greg ! thanks for coming out and capturing these memories !
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