• Scream And Fly 2020 Holiday Amazon Fire TV Giveaway!

    It's That Time Again!

    It seems to have become a tradition to give away a Fire TV during the holidays, so here we go again! I use my Fire TV every day, and during the COVID solitary confinement, it has helped a great deal. So I will be giving away the new 2020 version of the Fire TV Stick with Alexa remote. I don't think anybody is sure how long COVID will continue to be a big concern, so maybe this device will make any future lockdowns a bit easier.

    I hope you are all well and staying safe. If anybody has extra masks or materials for people that are in a situation of great need, please consider reaching out to them. My thoughts are with all of you, and please be careful out there.

    Nowadays media streamers like these are almost a must-have! The Fire Stick has several internet browsers available for free as well, such as Firefox and Silk, so you can play around on S&F right on your TV. I have one of these and they're just fantastic for nearly unlimited reasons. This is the updated version with the voice remote.

    ** To enter your name into this contest, simply reply once to this thread **
    Click HERE to Enter!

    Please keep the replies ONLY for entering the contest. Any single reply is all that it takes to enter

    *** Only ONE reply please ***

    • I will draw a winner at random, using the random number generator at random.org.

    • I will also upload a video of the number drawing. The thread will be closed at midnight on December 15, 2020 and the winner will be announced.

    Good luck everybody and thank you for your support for Scream And Fly!
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    1. keefallan's Avatar
      keefallan -
      I am in.
    1. maxdvr's Avatar
      maxdvr -
      Sign me up!
    1. jponfrank's Avatar
      jponfrank -
      I'm in
    1. gotboostedvr6's Avatar
      gotboostedvr6 -
      I'm in
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