• The Evinrude 1932 Full Product Catalog

    Evinrude's 1932 catalog is particularly large and comprehensive, and in my opinion, one of the most interesting and detailed in their early history. The product range covers the Sportwin 4HP up to the four-cylinder 36HP Speedifour.

    In 1932, a four-cylinder production outboard engine making that much power was state-of-the-art in marine technology. Just as interesting to me is their Propello-Vacuum cooling system, which utilized hollow cavities in the propeller to create suction that pulled water into the lower unit and through the engine for cooling. Not counting the propeller, the system had no moving parts. But of course, this system could only function on an engine that had no neutral or reverse gearshift. Once again, keeping in mind that this was almost 90 years ago, options such as a pressurized fuel primer and compression relief for easier starting were impressive on a consumer product.

    The catalog includes many small details about performance, racing, records, and oddities such as the fun of playing water polo with powerboats! There's a lot there to I hope you enjoy it. An original price sheet is also present.

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