• HydroStream "Mega-Gallery" Coming Soon!

    A Collection of Nearly 20 Years of HydroStream Photos

    The recent passing of HydroStream creator Howard Pipkorn represented a tremendous loss of not only a man that defined an entire culture of performance boat enthusiasts, but a person that cared a great deal for the people that remain loyal to HydroStream boats decades after the company shut its doors.

    The HydroStream Power Tour really illustrated just how active and passionate HydroStream owners still are today, with Pipkorn himself attending with his Virage!

    Matt Wolf making a pass in his HydroStream Voyager at the Power Tour

    Over the many years that I have been photographing events, I felt that it would be appropriate to collate the photos of HydroStreams that I've amassed over these years, and to present them in one huge gallery for everybody to see. It is a lot of work to comb through nearly 20 years of event coverage and many tens of thousands of photos, but I feel that it is worth it, not only as a tribute to Howard Pipkorn, but for everybody here on Scream And Fly that has been a part of a passion for these boats that will live on forever.

    Voyager twins Chad Schram and Matt Wolf :-)

    And so, I am in the process of gathering these photos from my backups, with many of them having never been published or posted before. I am not sure just how many photos will be in the HydroStream gallery yet, but it will likely be more than 200. I expect this to be ready this month, and the photos will be posted here on the site for anybody to view and download.

    Thank you for all the years of priceless memories everybody, and being a part of the greatest group of boaters that exists!

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    1. 69MyWay's Avatar
      69MyWay -
      Thank you for doing this. I've been off the forums a bit and didn't realize Howard has passed. I spent a lot of hours over the weekend cleaning and polishing mine and was actually thinking about all the history that has gone by since these things first slipped in the water. What a great tribute...and, I'm always hungry to find photos of these that sometimes help me solve problems and others to give inspiration.
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