• Scream And Fly End Of Summer Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Giveaway!

    Enter To Win A Fire 7 Tablet!
    It's been an extremely busy summer and I thought we should cap this one off with a cool giveaway. Amazon just introduced a new version of their Fire 7 tablet, so I thought we should give one away! Naturally, it's a great device to view the S&F site.

    I rely on a tablet to keep up to date on the site everyday, and these are a lot more enjoyable and easier to use than a phone for email and general browsing.

    To enter the contest, all you need to do is reply once on the contest thread, which is here.
    Please keep the replies ONLY for entering the contest. Any single reply is all that it takes to enter.

    *** Only ONE reply please ***

    A winner will be drawn at random, using the random number generator at random.org.

    I will also upload a video of the number drawing. The thread will be closed at midnight on October 11, 2019 and the winner will be announced.

    These giveaways are presented with appreciation and gratitude for our Team Members, Supporting Members, and Supporting Vendors. Without our financial supporters, none of this would be possible. The Amazon Fire devices are not given to us - Scream And Fly purchases them for these giveaways. We have no advertising agreement, affiliation, or contract with Amazon.com, Inc.

    Good luck everybody and thank you for your support for Scream And Fly!
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    1. vnemous's Avatar
      vnemous -
      Please don't consider this an entry but just wanted to say what a neat little tablet this is. The one Greg so graciously supplied Megan is on non stop. Uses it alot like a Kindle for reading but lots of apps on it.Attachment 449663
    1. Robby321's Avatar
      Robby321 -
      Yep, I have 6 and a 7! Handy and easy! No entry me either..
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