• The Brucato Legacy Lives On With Brucato Power!

    Development and Support for Brucato ACU Into The Future

    Since 1994, Brucato has been a recognized name in the EFI world. Tony Brucato developed the Brucato SVS, the Brucato Pro Control Unit, or “PCU”, and proprietary fuel injector cleaning and calibration technologies.

    In 2005, the Brucato ACU was introduced as a more user-friendly version of the PCU, and is now known as the de facto replacement ECU for Mercury EFI engines using ProMax 'Laser' or 'horn' type injection systems (1988-2001). The Brucato ACU is a direct replacement for the Mercury ECU and has fuel curves that were developed, dialed in and perfected by Tony, himself.
    For many years, Tony and his wife, Linda, worked side by side running the Brucato business. Their daughter, Kim, worked in the shop, too, cleaning fuel injectors and running the CNC machine, making parts for the world-famous Brucato SVS. In July 2018, Tony and Linda retired, passing on the Brucato legacy to Kim. She renamed the company Brucato Power and is carrying the torch by continuing to manufacture, sell and support the Brucato ACU and its accessories. The Brucato ACU is available for over 15 engine applications and can be customized for each user. The shop is located in Cary, North Carolina, where they also test Mercury ECUs and Brucato ACUs. For boaters who want to swap an ACU to a different engine, Brucato Power can reprogram and update the box to each customer's specifications.

    The reprogrammable Brucato ACU is available at the Brucato Power website

    The Brucato ACU is keeping Mercury EFI motors from becoming obsolete and supports the needs of recreational boaters and racers, alike. The ACU has better fuel curves than the stock ECU, which results in increased fuel economy of up to 30% at idle to mid-range and horsepower gains for most users. As the one and only replacement ECU for Mercury EFI engines, Brucato is helping to keep Mercs running! Get back on the water with a Brucato ACU!

    Brucato Power can be found on the web at www.BrucatoPower.com and on Facebook at Brucato Power Official.

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    1. Markus's Avatar
      Markus -
      Good to see Brucato to continue as a family-owned business.
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      stoker2001 -
      what Marcus said
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      Mrzip -
      .. I Have One & Love It
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