• Scream And Fly Holiday Giveaway 2019! Amazon Fire TV!

    Scream And Fly Holiday Amazon Fire TV Giveaway
    It's time for another holiday giveaway!

    Nowadays media streamers like these are almost a must-have! The Fire Stick has several internet browsers available for free as well, such as Firefox and Silk, so you can play around on S&F right on your TV. : ) I have one of these and they're just fantastic for nearly unlimited reasons. This is the updated version with the voice remote. Click here to enter, and Happy Holidays!

    A winner will be drawn at random, using the random number generator at random.org.

    I will also upload a video of the number drawing. The thread will be closed at midnight on January 1, 2019 and the winner will be announced.

    These giveaways are presented with appreciation and gratitude for our Team Members, Supporting Members, and Supporting Vendors. Without our financial supporters, none of this would be possible. The Amazon Fire devices are not given to us - Scream And Fly purchases them for these giveaways. We have no advertising agreement or contract with Amazon.com, Inc.

    Good luck everybody and thank you for your support for Scream And Fly!
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