• Photo Coverage Of The River Ranch 2018

    In Its 12th Year, And Still Among The Best Events

    Hard to believe that it was twelve years ago that the first River Ranch event took place, and I remember it as if it were last week. The moment I arrived at the Westgate River Ranch Resort in central Florida, I immediately knew this would be an event unlike any other. And it continues to be so.

    The location is perfect for the needs of a large boat event, and being that everything, including restaurants and boat launch ramps, is located right on the River Ranch property, it makes for a unique experience where everybody enjoys the event from a central location at all times. The fantastic boating locations and the late-night after-boating party makes this an event that people drive hundreds of miles to attend.

    As always, Jeff Girardi from Freeze Frame Video and I organize a photo shoot for attendees wishing to have photos taken of their boats. And as always, everybody maintained a very orderly and safe boating environment, for which I am very thankful. As a photographer, it's always just as fun for me to shoot photos of the boats passing by as it is being in one going fast. Well, maybe almost as fun. But these photos tell a story and many years from now, I think they will add to the incredible memories that are always created there.

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