• The Pink Flamed Beast!

    The Ultimate Representation of Custom Work

    We ran this feature a long time ago, and since this was so long ago, I imagine a great deal of you have never seen this. These photos represent Randy Corson's (Wildman) build-up of a Liberator tunnel, starting as a bare white hull and ending with everything imaginable custom made.

    Being a Liberator dealer in Florida makes it ideal since he can have boats made the way he wants, usually bare and white, just as any artist's blank canvas. Of course the perfect south Florida weather is ideal for year-round work and of course, boating.

    This boat, and its yellow twin, became very well known here. I certainly remember it. I hope you all enjoy the photos - I always liked 'start to finish' project posts. What always made Randy's boats very special to me is that he does nearly all of the work himself - from fiberglassing to painting and rigging. Stuff like this never gets old, and I'm just as impressed with these images now as I was years ago. I saw this boat in person as well, and it was just stunning!

    All photos are from Randy Corson.

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