• New Crankcase Stuffer Plates from Chris Carson's Marine Service

    An Easy and Fast Modification For Mercury Engines

    Chris Carsonís Marine is adding several new products to compliment our reed valves and spacer kits, focusing on the small block V6 Mercury engines.

    This is an inexpensive modification that can easily be performed while changing the reeds, with no added strain on the engine and no penalty to long-term reliability.

    Now available are new intake stuffers that mount between the reed blocks and intake manifold, reducing the crankcase volume by moving the reeds into the crankcase .065-inch. This modification results in the exact same gain as with the common practice of milling the front half of the crankcase, but without the need to tear down the engine or any machine work.

    The five and seven-petal versions are available now and ready to ship, with an even more effective version for the four-petal engines becoming available within a few days.

    Chris Carson's Marine Service will be offering other valuable engine crankcase stuffer products for other engines very soon.

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    1. steven engholm's Avatar
      steven engholm -
      I'll bite. I have a vintage Bridgeport. What will I gain with this and your reeds. There is a spacer kit also? This motor could use all the help I can give it. I really like my hull but it is heavy. I am also testing props. This is a fun project for me.Thanks
    1. FMP's Avatar
      FMP -
      I took a set for the five petal cages, the thickest. With a little shaving they fit Chrysler Force five petals.
      Thanks CCM
    1. J.R.'s Avatar
      J.R. -
      2000 promax.what should be seen with a set of reeds,stuffers and 100thousand off stock heads with 1mm gaskets.?thx
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