• Scream And Fly Christmas Holiday Amazon Tablet Giveaway!

    The Amazon Fire Tablet Giveaway Has Begun!

    It's time to give away a few tablets to Scream And Fly members. And I say a few, because everybody will have multiple chances to win.

    Scream And Fly's site traffic has increased 39% this year, compared to last year this time. That's immense, and I am always so thankful for the incredible community of people here. It's hard to believe that Scream And Fly is approaching its 20th anniversary. 20 years! Where has the time gone?

    I still remember our Wednesday-night boating gatherings at Tanner Park in the late-1990s, telling people that I had this idea to make an online magazine. "What's an online magazine?" everybody would inevitably ask. I'm not even sure I knew, but I learned a great deal over the years, guided by all of you. Everything on Scream And Fly has always been guided by the community of members, and that's how it will always be.

    Giveaways have become almost a tradition here, and the Amazon Fire is such a good device for, well, playing on Scream And Fly of course!

    In the past we've had some giveaways that were contests of some sort, such as photo contests. I wanted to change that to make it much easier for everybody to enter and have an equal chance of winning. Not everybody is a photographer and not everybody wants to be, however photos were not judged on their artistic merit, but rather the depiction of the contest subject.

    And so our current giveaways are simple - just reply once to the contest thread to enter. That's it. Each post has a number, and when the contest closes, a random number is drawn at random.org.

    Anybody can enter - it's entirely free. Just click here to be taken to the contest thread on our forums, and reply once to the thread to enter. That's it! Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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