• Hydrostream Power Tour 2017 Photos - Batch Three

    Hydrostream Power Tour 2017 Photos - Batch Three

    The Final Batch of Images, Until Next Year!

    This rounds out my photo coverage of the Hydrostream Power Tour, which was one of the most unique and fascinating events I've ever attended. Getting to sit down and talk with Howard Pipkorn and discuss all aspects of the designs of his boats was such an incredible experience.

    Howard remembers everything, down to the smallest details of design. I had many questions about why certain design aspects were implemented among different Hydrostream models, and Howard answered them all in great detail. Just imagine how incredible that experience was; and he is also a heck of an awesome person.

    It goes without saying that the boating experience was no less incredible. I knew the Power Tour would be an amazing event ahead of time, but I was surprised at how far it exceeded my already very high expectations. It was everything that makes a performance boating event so great.

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