• ODBA - Jasper, TN 2017 World Championships!

    Jasper's Biggest Turnout In Years

    Photos by Kevin Kearney

    Once again, Kevin Kearney's incredible photography skills captured the greatest drag boat races of the year in all of its energy, competition, and danger. The Outboard Drag Boat Association's world championship race in Jasper, Tennessee is much more than a drag boat race - it's an event that encompasses the very fastest outboard-powered drag boats, an incredible river run, and of course, partying at night. All reports that I have received indicated that the turnout of racers and spectators is the largest in years. That has me very excited for the future.

    The Jasper experience has always been one of the rare occasions where spectators have have a very intimate and up-close connection to the professional racers. There are no gates, turnstiles, or cordoned-off areas. Everybody is free to walk around and talk to the racers and inspect the wicked machines that they race.

    I always remember the sounds of drag racing outboards as they echo off the banks of the Nickajack Lake. I definitely miss it, and I made the decision that I should definitely return to Jasper next year. I think that is long overdue.

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