• Coming This Month: The Full Story of the Evinrude E-Tec

    Evinrude E-Tec: From The Very Beginning to Now

    This has been an article that I had planned to be published months ago, however as I was working on it, I realized there is just so much more to tell here than I had originally expected. I have probably not researched any product as much as this one, and I learned a great deal about the Evinrude E-Tec platform along the way. What was most stirring was how much I didn't know about the E-Tec, and much information about it being discussed is just not accurate, or incomplete.

    This will be a very large article, and it is the result of my experience and research with the products, as well as detailed discussions with key people responsible for the E-Tec's vision and development. As I progressed with this project, I became more engrossed in it, because it is not only a truly fascinating story, but also a fascinating product.

    I really hope you will all enjoy it. I plan to have it published this month.


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      Scream And Fly -
      Well everybody, I know it's very long overdue, but this article will be published tomorrow night. Usually I am very timely with feature content, but this was a very unique undertaking for me.

      When I first had the idea to present a detailed insight into the E-TEC and its beginnings, I had never imagined how deep this would go. I thought I knew a lot about the E-TEC, but I ended up learning a great deal through this experience. And so, the more I became involved in this project, the more interesting it became for me, but also, the more I realized that I needed to widen the scope of my feature article to tell a complete story. And that thought process repeated itself over and over, and I felt it was better to introduce this late, than to have it anything less than comprehensive, yet interesting.

      I really think this will be interesting to everybody, not just Evinrude/OMC enthusiasts. It's a great story and it gave me a far greater understanding of exactly what the E-TEC is.

      I invaded my vault of all of the media materials I've amassed over the last 15+ years. I save everything from every show and event, and yes, I really like those Evinrude fishing lures!

      I really appreciate your patience while this fell behind schedule multiple times. I hope it will be worth the delays.


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      powerabout -
      Merc were still selling in the front injection after 2000 so there was some margin not to go to DFI straight away.
      Just imagine a OMC kit for v6 conventional injection...
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