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    Pricing for Complete Engines, Powerheads and Parts

    By Rick Mackie, Mercury Racing

    We have a rich history of producing national and world championship outboard power. The venerable 200XS SST and 200XS ROS have been the go-to power for many a competition racer. However, after many years and many victories, the demand for these products has reached a level where it is no longer efficient for us to produce them as complete outboards. Therefore, the 2018 Program Year will be the final year of production for the legacy 200XS SST and 200XS ROS competition models. We will continue with annual builds of replacement powerheads to support the product that is still in use.

    The 400 ROS made its debut in 2016 by winning the Fujairah Grand Prix on the Gulf of Oman in Fujairah, U.A.E.

    The 200XS ROS is the power behind numerous UIM Offshore 3C Championships.

    Listed below are part numbers and MSRP pricing for complete engine models as well as both fully dressed and partial powerheads. The powerheads are common for SST and ROS models. The PCM and flywheel cover are not included with either powerhead and thus need to be ordered separately.

    Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing. See your local Mercury dealer for pricing and ordering information.

    400 ROS

    Concurrently, we will have a limited production run of the Verado 400 ROS (Race Offshore) competition outboard.

    The 400 ROS is specifically designed for offshore competition race boats with catamaran style hulls. It features a shorter midsection designed to reduce the overall center of gravity which significantly improves boat handling and drivability while powering through race course turns at competition speeds. In addition, the ROS midsection boasts solid racing mounts and features a custom carbon fiber rear cowl.

    Competition outboards are designed to endure harsh conditions encountered in the sport of powerboat racing.

    Engines are available exclusively to competitors repowering an existing race hull or rigging a new one. It is the responsibility of the racer to ensure the 400 ROS is eligible to compete in a given race class or organization.

    The 400 ROS features a Verado 400R powerhead mounted on a custom billet aluminum midsection and the venerable Sport Master gearcase.

    400 ROS Custom Rigging Requirements:

    The electric fuel pump and oil sump for the competition 400 ROS are boat mounted. As such, Mercury Racing has developed special 400 ROS rigging kits which contain the dry sump oil tank (#8M0115428) and the electric fuel pump kit (#840368A1), and these are required to complete the 400 ROS installation (one of each kit per engine).

    In addition, the standard dual engine rigging kit (#8M0101415) which contains the DTS Zero Effort control system and other necessary harnessing and components is required, and SmartCraft instrumentation must also be ordered separately. Finally, the 400 ROS requires a custom after-market hydraulic steering system and tie bars, and is not compatible with the standard Verado power steering.

    The highly custom nature of competition outboards require a longer production lead time than consumer models. Therefore, to ensure you are prepared for the 2018 race season, it is important for you to submit your order to your dealer no later than October 30 along with a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the purchase price. Production, based on confirmed orders, will commence approximately 120 days from the order date.

    Competition outboards do not qualify for sales program discounts or warranty. Please note: The remote mounted 12-volt trim pump (#818377A2) is not included with 200XS or 400 ROS engines.

    Contact your local Mercury Outboard dealer for a price quote and place your order today!

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    1. Coryc's Avatar
      Coryc -
      Is merc Racing still going to manufacture the 300xs etc? or is the whole outboard program going to be discountinued? Lots of High performance center consoles, V's, and cats who need outboards.
    1. aeneas's Avatar
      aeneas -
      Shame! Mercury made a mistake, they should have offered the 200xs as a consumer sport outboard at a reasonable price with warranty - then it would have been a total success! Now only race teams could buy the engines and they costed several thousand dollars more than consumer 200hp outboards... I currently own a Merc 200xs ros and it is the perfect sport engine for a light monohull like my Allison SS-2000.
      I guess there is more money in 400hp outboards and 1200hp inboards...
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