• Romp 2017 Event Photos by KAOS Imagery

    Screaming And Flying at Romp 2017

    Photos by Kent Smith of KAOS Imagery

    The Rondack Romp is an event that is nearly as old as Scream And Fly itself, and takes place on Great Sacandaga Lake, in upstate New York. Like most here know, great events are not just about the boats themselves, but also about the location, and boating in the Adirondacks is an incredible experience.

    Being that far north, the summer is rather short, but that also makes the Romp such a great event. The air is crisp early in the morning, and often there is a low fog above the water. There is a peacefulness and serene aura about that place that I have not seen anywhere else. I remember this from when I attended the Romp back in 2002, and it remains one of the best experiences I ever had at a boating event.

    By now, Kent Smith's spectacular photography is well known, and he is definitely one of the masters of capturing the excitement of going fast on the water. Just as speed in a boat is a unique experience, so is the talent required to capture it in a photo. You might remember Kent's work from Romp 2016, and now we have another fantastic gallery of images from his coverage of Romp 2017.

    Kent Smith and KAOS Imagery

    Kent has an incredible website gallery with many stunning examples of his work that showcases his exceptional talent across several photographic disciplines, ranging from landscapes to action and everything inbetween. His work is as varied as it is beautiful, showing an incredible talent for composition, color, and subject matter. I especially like his photo blog, which gives a personal insight into his work. KAOS Imagery's website is an extremely powerful example of photography that not only captures a moment, but tells a story. And that is the mark of a truly talented photographer by any metric.

    Kent also published an article on his work in capturing fast boats. It's a fantastic read for anybody that wants to shoot better photos of boats screaming and flying! Click here to read the article.

    Stunning HDR capture by KAOS Imagery. This type of image requires multiple exposures, blending different exposures to increase the dynamic range of the image.

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    1. Fish's Avatar
      Fish -
      great shots Kent!
    1. stokernick's Avatar
      stokernick -
      next best thing to being there!! Please note Kent's talent not restricted to photography, check out his wooden boat restorations!
    1. gofaster's Avatar
      gofaster -
      Not a whole lot of anything in the water, get in, sit down and shut up, yahoo
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