• Suwannee River Icebreaker 2017 Event Photos!

    The Scream And Fly Boating Season Has Begun!

    Photos by Janna Knueppel

    The unofficial start of the performance boating season has symbolically become the Suwannee River Icebreaker event, and the 2017 Icebreaker looked like it was as epic as always.

    Organized by Tom and Gina Foley the 'Icebreaker' is an event on the calendar unlike any other. The launch point is the boat ramp at Fanning Springs in northwestern Florida, and this presents an absolutely ideal event location for many reasons. The boat ramp is usually fairly idle, and it offers multiple launch ramps, but best of all, event-goers have two choices for their adventure - you can either head east for the river run experience, or go west, which will take you right to the Gulf of Mexico. Once there, you can hit a beach and enjoy the warm, clear saltwater that is a new experience for many people.

    There are many places to beach the boats and just hang out, and there's no posted speed limits on the river. You can drive right up to the spring, where the water is so deep and clear that you feel as if it might not even be real. The scenery is incredible, and I even enjoy checking out the few houses you will see along the way; some of which have unique floating party decks.

    A personal highlight for me is Bob's River Place, which is a water park with a massive slide that empties right into the river. When we attended, the park was actually closed, but that didn't seem to stop people from using the slide if they wanted to. When I was at the event, there was a sign that actually stated that visitors can use the slide when the park is closed, but only at their own risk.

    Mark and Janna Kneuppel attend every year, bringing their Hydrostream V-King powered by a Johnson 2.6 liter V6. I was fortunate enough to be a passenger last year, and it presented the ultimate Scream And Fly experience to me. What is better than riding in a classic Hydrostream, with a screaming engine behind you and the wind in front. This is what it's all about.

    Janna shot the photos again for this event, which offer a real insight into what makes the Icebreaker such an incredibly fun event. A great event is not just about going fast in boats, but it's also about the fun with friends and of course, having a memorable adventure. This event has it all, and I am grateful to Janna for capturing these incredible photos for us all to enjoy.

    All photos by Janna Kneuppel - Click on images for larger view

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    1. MeCapnDave's Avatar
      MeCapnDave -
      Awesome pictures Janna !!! Even tho I attended the event there are just too many boats to see and to not enough time to meet everyone !!! Thank you for sharing your keen eye with the rest of us and allowing us to see the ones we missed !!!
    1. Scream And Fly's Avatar
      Scream And Fly -
      Janna is one of the best in our sport. She knows exactly how to capture this action with incredible compositions. We are so lucky to have Mark and Janna among our membership!
    1. hydrochicken's Avatar
      hydrochicken -
      Janna takes the best pictures