• First Look: Caldwell Racing Technology Billet Series Racing Engines

    The Screaming Two-Stroke V6 Racing Engine Is Reborn

    Caldwell Racing Technology has been the subject of a lot of discussion here on Scream And Fly, and all over the internet among performance boaters. When CRT first announced their plans to reinvent the produce an all-new series of billet aluminum outboard engines and accessories, many were skeptical. It is an enormous undertaking from both an engineering and financial standpoint. But they have done it. Indeed, CRT has annihilated any skepticism.

    At the Miami Boat Show, on display were two complete, running CRT Billet Series racing engines - a small block, and big block. The small block engines are available in the 2.5-liter SR (Standard Race) and 2.5-liter CR (Custom Race) variants, and for those looking for more, block block models are available in 3.3, 3.5, and 4.0-liter displacements.

    I had a chance to spend some time with CRT president Matthew Caldwell and inspect the engines, blocks, and midsections with exhaust components and to say that I am impressed would be to miss the point entirely - everything about these parts is exquisite. CRT has gone all the way here; no compromises at all on what is likely the highest-technology evolution of the racing V6 outboard.

    Innovations incorporated into these next-generation designs include a stackable mid-tower housing that is adjustable from 12 to 20 inches, the ability to accept different lower units easily, a two-stage trim system, and transfer and boost port inserts. Like the engine blocks and heads, the midsection is a work of aluminum alloy art. Machine work is impeccable, and the transom mount assembly is robust and lightweight, yet fully designed for the rigors of competition use.

    Pro Marine is the exclusive distributor for CRT products, both here in the US and internationally.

    I will follow up with a detailed feature article on the Caldwell Racing Technology Billet Series engines, with details on packages available and pricing, as well as insights from my interview with Matthew Caldwell. Stay tuned, it looks like this will surely be an exciting season!

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