• Mercury Racing Verado Carbon Edition

    Go Boldly With Mercury Racing’s Exotic Verado

    FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Feb. 16, 2017) – Mercury Racing is proud to reveal the 400R Carbon Edition, an exotic high-performance Verado outboard featuring contemporary layered surfacing sculpted out of lightweight carbon fiber composite. Carbon Edition 400Rs share all of the industry-leading performance characteristics and creature comforts of its Phantom Black and Cold Fusion White 400R siblings, while providing an even higher level of luxury with this bold, aggressive visual treatment.

    At a staggering 153 horsepower per liter, Mercury Racing’s 400R is the most powerful consumer outboard ever produced by Mercury and provides the highest power-to-weight of all other four-stroke outboards in its class. This incredible achievement in power and efficiency was achieved through several advancements to the proven 2.6L Verado platform. This powerhouse is designed to complement the latest generation of high performance hulls.

    Performance Enhancements

    400R outboards feature a custom cold air induction system for improved air flow and power development, while significantly reducing intake noise for improved sound quality. A water- cooled supercharger is designed to reduce intake temperatures and significantly increase air density. This enables the engine to generate unprecedented torque and unmatched acceleration all the way from the lower end of the power band, up to the 7,000-rpm maximum engine speed. Electronic knock control enables the engine to safely run on 89-octane (95 Ron) fuel when the recommended premium 91-octane (98 RON) fuel is not available to maximize performance. Structural upgrades incorporated into the 2.6L cylinder block and head ensure classic Verado durability, even at this higher power output.

    Rear Tie Bar Kit

    400Rs destined for ultra-go fast duty on high performance catamarans and vee-bottoms are equipped with a custom Mercury Racing designed rear tie bar kit. The factory-installed kit includes custom rear-engine mounts and a heavy duty, stainless steel tie bar wing plate. The engine mounts feature an addendum for the mounting of the wing plate. Tie bars must be sourced through the boat builder or dealer.

    The custom rear mounts are critical for safe and secure installation of the wing plate. They serve a purpose and – at the same time – maintain the integrity, form and function of the 400R’s Advanced MidSection. Most after-market rear tie bar wing plates are mounted directly to the powerhead studs. This places a great amount of stress on the studs, engine mounts and the powerhead, which could lead to cylinder distortion and possible engine failure. Product failures caused by after-market product modifications of this nature are not covered under the 400R’s limited warranty. The unique design of Mercury Racing’s factory installed rear tie bar kits on Verado 400Rs provides a seamless, integrated performance solution, while maintaining full factory warranty coverage.

    400Rs fitted with Mercury Racing’s exclusive Sport Master gearcase and the factory installed rear tie bar kit provide high-performance catamaran enthusiasts a turnkey solution when it comes to the ultimate in outboard power.

    Sport Master

    The 400R is the first Verado to feature the race-proven Sport Master gearcase with low water pickups for added performance. The efficient and durable Sport Master greatly expands the application of the potent four-stroke. From single engine flats boats, traditional catamaran sport boats to multi-engine offshore center consoles the Sport Master – in the correct application – will enhance boat handling, speed and efficiency. Joystick Piloting Outboard 400R models are available exclusively with cambered Sport Master gearcases.

    To unlock the full potential of Sport Master, the 400R features stainless steel guide plates with composite wear pads on the Advanced Midsection for enhanced engine stability and improved handling at speed.

    Zero Effort Controls with Joystick Piloting (JPO)

    The 400R is the first Mercury Racing outboard to feature Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO) technology. Joystick Piloting takes the stress out of docking, maneuvering in tight spaces and operating in tight quarters by providing boaters 360-degree movement at their fingertips. The intuitive design of the joystick lets anyone – from experienced captains to novice boaters – maneuver large boats with ease and confidence. JPO 400R models available exclusively with cambered Sport Master gearcases.

    Mercury Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) replaces the lag and hesitation of traditional throttle and shift cables with digital precision, resulting in smooth shifting and instant throttle response.
    Mercury Racing’s ergonomic, high-style Zero Effort® Digital controls go hand in hand with Joystick Piloting for an intuitive control experience – precisely signaling driver intent to the DTS- equipped Verado 400Rs. The DTS system also features one-touch Smart Start, automatic throttle synchronization and shadow mode for triple- and quad-engine applications (where two throttle levers operate all engines).

    Auto Pilot with Skyhook

    In addition to simplifying the docking experience, Joystick Piloting is also capable of acting as a virtual anchor. With a push of a button, Skyhook® (digital anchor) pinpoints the boat's position using a GPS satellite antenna and automatically shifts, applies throttle, and articulates the engines independently to maintain the boat’s position. This can be handy in several scenarios, from maintaining position while waiting for fuel, to holding coordinates over a favorite fishing spot.

    Integrated autopilot, auto heading and waypoint sequencing make navigation simple and efficient. A built-in digital compass on Auto Heading allows the captain to maintain course and make precise corrections with the touch of a finger. One-degree heading adjustments can be made with a tap on the joystick; 10-degree adjustments can be accomplished using the control panel. Trips with multiple stops between the starting point and final destination are a breeze with Waypoint Sequencing, which allows the operator to plot the boat's course using multiple points. All the system functions can be monitored and manipulated via Mercury VesselView® displays.

    MPP for Three!

    For the 2017 Program Year, Mercury Racing is providing an additional year of Platinum Mercury Product Protection (MPP) on all consumer 400Rs, for a total of three years of factory coverage.

    Following are details regarding our exciting Verado 400R MPP For Three! promotion:
    • One additional year of Platinum MPP coverage free of charge in addition to the standard two-year factory warranty
    • Applicable to new boat packages and repowers
    • Consumer benefits:
    • Three full years of comprehensive factory coverage
    • Transferrable to subsequent owners
    • Retail value of over $2,000 per engine!
    • Prompt product registration is required for program activation
    • Program ends July 1, 2017

    About Mercury Racing

    Based in Fond du Lac, Wis., Mercury Racing, a division of Mercury Marine, is a leading provider of high- performance marine propulsion systems for discriminating boaters worldwide, offering an exciting and fulfilling power boating experience on the water. Using leading-edge technology, Mercury Racing produces high-performance outboards, sterndrives, propellers, parts and accessories. Mercury Racing also produces crate engines for the automotive aftermarket industry. Mercury Marine is a division of Brunswick Corp. (NYSE: BC), the world’s leading manufacturer of recreational products, including pleasure boats, marine engines, fitness equipment, and billiards.
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      150aintenuff -
      I seen this styling coming, and honestly the Vrod is the only motor it looks OK on... the smaller 4 jokes imo look like ass this actually looks good
    1. whytey's Avatar
      whytey -
      How much lighter is your "carbon edition"? Still 668 lbs? Where did all that "lightweight carbon fiber composite" go?
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      Butt ugly! Mercury is too heavy... and history. Sad... an end of an icon!
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