• Outboard Drag Boat Association Jasper Race Photos and Results

    The Fastest Outboard Drag Boats in the World

    Photos by Kevin Kearney

    Jasper, Tennessee is a well-known place for almost everybody here at Scream And Fly. The Outboard Drag Boat Association's world championship final race of the year takes place there, and the very best in the sport converge there to battle it out at the Nickajack Dam lake, which is absolutely the perfect location for such an event.

    What makes this event so great is not only the incredible racing, but the accessibility of all the action to everybody. People are free to walk up to the boats and talk to the drivers and teams without restriction. Everything from boat weigh-ins, launches, and inspections take place in the open, which really adds a lot of interest to the event. Of course, there are the fastest outboard-powered drag boats in the world there, and everybody has a front-row seat to all of the racing, right at the bank of the lake. Just the sounds and smells the engines make as they race by gives this event a feel all of its own.

    One star of the event was Caldwell Racing Technology's all-new billet aluminum V6 race engine. Running prototypes were at Jasper and reports of initial performance are stellar. This is one hot topic that has been a great area of focus for many Scream And Fly members. You can read more about the CRT engine in the forums by clicking here.

    Another aspect that makes the Jasper race unique is the Friday river run, that has historically taken place for many years. Many of the spectators bring their own boats and racers even take part in the river run sometimes. That Jasper race rolls up everything that is great about performance boating races and events, all in one weekend.

    Kevin Kearney was able to capture the race event from every vantage point - from the frenzied action in the pits, to the battle on the liquid quarter-mile. Kevin's photos tell the complete story of why this event represents the drag boat finale, and how this race event is unlike professional races in every other motorsport. Photography is about telling a story, not just showing images. I have attended the Jasper races many times, and the following photos are a fantastic representation of this incredible race event.

    Forum Discussion: For more photos, click here to view the ODBA Jasper event post.

    Final Standings

    Lake Racer
    Josh Broussard
    Super Stock
    Todd Catrell
    Modified Production
    Shawn Jetton
    Pro Gas
    Casey McClellan
    Pro Mod
    Ed Trowbridge
    River Racer
    Mike Bishop
    Pro Drag
    David Pov

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    1. texasvector's Avatar
      texasvector -
      very cool...great pics!
    1. Kevin_From_NJ's Avatar
      Kevin_From_NJ -
      Thank you Greg, very nice write up.
    1. motorheadbishop's Avatar
      motorheadbishop -
      Great pics...
      the 2016 standing that is listed is way off thou greg...
    1. Scream And Fly's Avatar
      Scream And Fly -
      Thank you so much for the killer photos Kevin.
      Mike, I took the standings off the ODBA website - I will double-check though. I appreciate it!

    1. Valero2.5's Avatar
      Valero2.5 -
      Excellent Pics! looks like it was a little windy, choppy? Good Racing!
    1. RIVERRUMMER 70's Avatar
      RIVERRUMMER 70 -
      Quote Originally Posted by scream and fly View Post
      thank you so much for the killer photos kevin.
      Mike, i took the standings off the odba website - i will double-check though. I appreciate it!

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