• The Entire Scream-Toon Collection!

    Those of you that have been members of Scream And Fly since the beginning will most certainly know who Skip Romani is. Going by the name "Talon2.5" on Scream And Fly's forums here, Skip began a series of cartoons in late 2001 called Scream-Toons. What made these especially entertaining is that they were almost all based off of real people here and their boats and adventures, as well as discussions on the forums. For these cartoons to have their full impact you would really need to know the meaning behind them - each one is representative of a particular person or incident.

    Back then, Skip would draw the Scream-Toons and then we would publish them on our home page. I always backed up these great cartoons as an important part of not only Scream And Fly's history, but the history of our members here.

    Here are all of the Scream-Toons that Skip created for us here from those times.

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