• 2002 Connecticut River Run - A Look Back

    This was a very memorable event to me. One of the very first large events I ever attended, and it was also the first time I ever went fast on a river, as opposed to the saltwater bay I grew up on. The Connecticut River Run was among the very first of the very large organized performance boating runs. I met so many great people, and some of you may recognize the boats here.

    I will be going through my backup drives and posting a lot of photos from previous events, so if you have images from the 2002 Connecticut River Run, feel free to add them here!

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      Rich Owen -
      Thanks Greg !
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      transomstand -
      I had yet to attend one. Don't know how you people survived. Fortunately I elected to supervise the following year
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      vnemous -
      My first one was in 2007. I had my 21 Challenger at the time. By the ramp I took a gallon of oil and tossed it into the plastic bin that was under my deck holding my anchor and some other stuff.. Well it hit my fire extinguiser which the pin fell out of and set it off. Everyone thought the boat was on fire cause of all the white smoke, powder. It actually was pretty funny. As I ran up the river the white powder was still coming out of the boat. Than Mercace and Beer30 decided to cross in front of me hosing me down. Oh year it was about 40 degrees out......Great times
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      amtree -
      that looks like a blast. anyone know that date for 2016?
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      RONNIE -
      that was great day!!!!
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      RONNIE -
      at Hartford that day Greg and I In my Viper.. if you think your dead
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      Quote Originally Posted by RONNIE View Post
      at Hartford that day Greg and I In my Viper.. if you think your dead
      I really miss those times! We had such a great time and I remember how much we were laughing about that.
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