• New Livorsi Platinum Series Controls

    Introducing the all NEW completely redesigned PLATINUM SERIES from Livorsi Marine. The PLATINUM SERIES is designed to be more ergonomically comfortable to the operator while being lighter and more compact for fitting into tight spaces. The Platinum series is finished with a two coat process which prevents corrosion. Controls can be configured for single or multiple engines for Drives, Transmissions, Jet Drives or Buckets. Available in three throttle/shift configurations: Fully Mechanical, Fully Electric or Mechanical/Electric (Hybrid).
    The Platinum Series has 3 different styles that can be customized in any configuration imaginable. The styles include; The Standard series for the classic look, The Billet series for racing performance look, and the Arched series for the modern "edgy" performance look.

    All three new styles allow you to choose your throttle base in flat or our NEW Contoured Base; available in an array of Colors, Chrome or Carbon Fiber. Further finish your throttles with your choice of 1, 2 or 3 switches in the knob to actuate your drive, tabs, jack plate, etc. As always, the knobs are available in 12 different color options to match most any style or color of your dash helm.

    • These controls are compatible with throttle, shift, jet drives or buckets (1 function per handle), 33C or 43C cables
    • There are three different styles to choose from- Standard, Billet or Arched
    • Billet aluminum construction makes these controls tough yet lightweight
    • Corrosion Resistant, two layers of protection: anodized base coat and powder coat finish
    • Shorter base depth: mechanical units measure 8.125" deep, while the electric units measure 6.5"
    • Ergonomic knobs for long hours of comfortable operation
    • Controls feature friction and detent that may be adjusted while installed on your helm
    • Flat base and the optional contour base color options include chrome, simulated carbon fiber or a powder coat finish

    Configurations include one or any combination of the below:

    • The use of mechanical 33C or 43C cables for mechanical levers
    • Electric configurations use compact direct driven angular sensors - 0-5 Volt electronic sensors or a PWM signal
    • The use of a micro switch - for electronic transmission shifting
    • Single, twin and triple in-handle trim switch available as shown on the chrome control above
    • Check with the engine manufacturer or Livorsi Marine for electric control compatibility

    For more information on our Platinum Series Controls or any other Livorsi product please call 847.752.2700.

    If you would like to make an appointment to visit with Mike Livorsi at the IBEX booth, please email Mike at mikel@livorsi.com

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    To request the Industrial Catalog, click here
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