• Mercury Racing OptiMax Diesel Reporting for Duty

    FOND DU LAC, Wis., May 19, 2015 – Mercury Racing® is well known for its line of high performance consumer and race outboards. For the United States government, the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin-based company released a second “stealth” outboard today that will be rarely seen: the OptiMax Diesel. Developed for the U.S. Department of Defense, this exclusive spark ignited, direct fuel injected two-stroke runs on ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, which is readily available around the globe.

    "A Navy ship crash in 1995, which resulted in an explosive gasoline fire, spawned a DoD directive for all gasoline-powered engines and gasoline fuel tanks be removed from Naval ships by 2010," said Tony Nahitchevansky, Mercury Marine government accounts manager.

    The mandate called for engines to be developed to operate on fuels that are:

    1. Able to improve ship safety by minimizing fire hazards
    2. More economical and more efficient, and
    3. Readily available as single battle space fuel.

    The 3.0 Liter V-6 Diesel, which produces 175 propshaft horsepower, shares 95 percent of its components with the gasoline engine from which it derives. And, with only a handful of unique parts, there are minimal additional training requirements necessary for maintenance.

    Industry Exclusive Direct Fuel Injected - Spark Ignited Diesel
    A two-stage, direct-injection system uses a small charge of compressed air to finely atomize the diesel fuel as it injects into the combustion chamber. Atomizing the fuel into a fine mist allows for ignition via spark to occur, while delivering enhanced high rpm running quality. A glow plug works in concert with the spark plug for improved cold weather starting and idle quality. An on-board Propulsion Control Module (PCM) microprocessor optimizes fuel and spark timing for improved running quality and performance throughout the engine’s operating range. SmartCraft® Engine Guardian provides real-time, self-protection engine fault diagnostics and messaging.

    Race Derived Powerhead
    The advanced 3.0-liter powerhead, customized with a unique cylinder head designed specifically for combustion of diesel fuel, is matched with high-performance cylinder liners for maximum horsepower and optimal engine running quality.

    Race Inspired Graphics
    The OptiMax Diesel features stealthy, tone-on-tone graphics that feature the new Mercury Racing word mark – similar to those featured on the new Racing Verado 400R consumer performance outboard models. Mercury Racing OptiMax Diesel outboards are available with a 25-inch (635 mm) center section and the 2:1 Fleet Master gearcase in both right-hand and left-hand rotation.

    About Mercury Racing
    Based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Mercury Racing, a division of Mercury Marine, is a leading provider of high-performance marine propulsion systems for discriminating boaters worldwide, offering an exciting and fulfilling power boating experience on the water. Using leading-edge technology, Mercury Racing produces high-performance outboards, sterndrives, propellers, parts and accessories. Mercury Racing also produces crate engines for the automotive aftermarket industry. Mercury Marine is a division of Brunswick Corp. (NYSE: BC), the world’s leading manufacturer of recreational products, including pleasure boats, marine engines, fitness equipment, and billiards.
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    1. powerabout's Avatar
      powerabout -
      having a hard time with a spark ignition engine being called a diesel
      how about multifuel engine same as the BRP one?
    1. Bodhi's Avatar
      Bodhi -
      Price tags gonna be huge on this one
    1. Feathermerchant's Avatar
      Feathermerchant -
      Called Diesel because it runs on Diesel fuel. Probably not Diesel cycle.
      Diesel fuel has more heat energy per gallon than gasoline. I wonder if the fuel economy is better?
      Does it need as much lube oil?
    1. MegaBaron's Avatar
      MegaBaron -
      cool idea.. wonder what it weighs
    1. MegaBaron's Avatar
      MegaBaron -
      cool concept. wonder what the weight is on this one
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