• Aeromarine Research Tunnel Boat/Vee Boat Design Software Version 8.4

    Aeromarine Research's Tunnel Boat/Vee Boat Design Software is the very best and most comprehensive performance evaluation tool available. It has been evaluated by Scream And Fly, and has proven to be extremely accurate and easy to use. Version 8.4 is the most robust yet, providing detailed parameters for current engines and hulls, in addition to completely updated features.

    The TBDP is just as useful on and off the water; you can design and set up complete virtual rigs, then fine tune and adjust for all possible parameters that affect performance. Thinking of running a different propeller or shifting weight in your hull? Test it on your computer first and save yourself the potential pitfalls of experimentation on the water. While nothing will replace actual on-the-water experience and testing, the TBDP can provide a safer and more predictable testing environment from which to start, by highlighting potential areas of concern with a specific setup.

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    Mar 20, 2015
    Version 8.4
    • Revised aero drag for Cuddy Cabin option, New cockpit w/windscreen option.
    • Enhanced Performance Wizard info for XCGDynamic, SprayFac, AeroDrag.
    • User requested scaling, units and decimal floating.
    • Improved Win7 installation cleanliness.

    Feb 1, 2015
    Version 8.3 - Major Update

    • Enhanced calc for CG-Dynamic (dynamic stability) for cases of Vee hull with Pad and Tunnel Hull with Center Pod, more accurate for all design configurations and operating conditions.
    • Added 2015 Motor Wizard update, now with over 1750 OEM engine choices, including new Evinrude G2, new Ilmore V8s, Jetdrive Outboards, Yamaha 350hp V8 Outboard, Evinrude V6 E-Tec's, New Mercury 350hp SCi Verado And Optimax ProXS engines.
    • Major rewrite of hydrodynamic lift and drag routines, improving accuracy for all types of operating conditions for all design configurations of tunnel hull, tunnel w/Center Pod, Vee hull and Vee Pad hulls.
    • Added new Whisker Spray analysis, enhanced drag calculations associated with Whisker Spray, also added new performance report variables showing all whisker drag components with individual drag coefficients.
    • Now includes AR analysis of Spray Rails and Lifting Strakes, based on Jim Russell's engineering design paper and published article.
    • Added capability of Below-Chine Spray Rails (deflectors) for Whisker Spray reduction.
    • Enhanced application of Above-Chine spray rails and effects on Sheer (friction) Spray Drag.
    • Advanced Cockpit/Cowling/Fairing drag now includes complex Cavity Drag analysis. Multiple cockpit/cowling design configurations to select from, including Open, Covered, Race Canopy, even a Cuddy Cabin.
    • Enhanced Performance Wizard Summary Report, with more key data reporting and more design/setup recommendations (specifically written for the performance results presented for your design).
    • Enhanced Quick Design Wizard to automatically input additional typical design dimensions from list of any (11) standard hull designs provided.
    • Added more new Input variables (now 95 design/setup inputs) for even more enhanced Design and Analysis options
    • Additional Performance Analysis Output measures, now with over 490 output data points, and now including Whisker
    • Spray Drags (for sponsons, Center Pod, Vee, Veepad); Lift/Drag Ratios (for sponsons, center pod, Vee and Veepad), separate Wetted Area data (SWet) for sponsons, center pod, Vee and Veepad; separate drag coefficients for CDWSponson, CDWVee, CDWPod, CDWPad, Trim Tabs lift/drag/coefficient/Aspect Ratio; along with all the other performance measures that TBDP/VBDP has presented in previous versions.
    • Added another new built-in standard design option for "Vee Hull Sterndrive" (now 11 typical designs provided); Just select one of the standard designs, use the Quick Design Wizard to modify key parameters to fit your design, and TBDP/VBDP does the rest to set all the design variables for your new design/setup.
    • Added new Lower Unit specs for V8 outboards, RC and IMCO drives.
    • Refined decimal floating for smaller hull sizes (such as RC boat designs).
    • Corrected units in some Wizards to reflect Imperial/Metric capability.
    • Corrected max values presented for X-Porpoise Analysis chart for improved readability.

    Sept 1, 2014
    Version 8.2

    • Many new graphics/charts added/updated.
    • New Lift & Drag distribution chart, with dynamic velocity range view.
    • Fixed the display of cockpit/cowling drag coefficients.
    • Improved algorithms for cockpit/cowling drag calc's.
    • Added new lower unit design selections.
    • Expanded the Report Summary Wizard notes.
    • Added a new file export feature.

    May 15, 2014
    Version 8.1

    • Revised aerodynamic drag algorithms.
    • Enhanced Vee hull lift/drag calculations.
    • Version update checkings.
    • Enhanced Vee hull aerodynamics setups.

    March 1 2014
    NEW Version 8.0 - Major Update
    • BIG NEW FEATURES - You asked for it, you got it.
    • NEW VBDP© - incorporation of the NEW “Vee Boat Design Program” full-featured software for “Vee hull and Vee-Pad hull” performance analysis.
    • NEW Auto Convert program to translate older TBDP design data files to the new TBDP/VBDP data formats.
    • Windows 7 compatible coding and file management.
    • More Input variables (90+), more performance data output information, for more design control and even more performance reporting information.
    • NEW “Auto 1-2-3 Performance Analysis" Wizard - automatically steps you through the 3 steps of performance analysis, to calculate Maximum Velocity, (Trim angle analysis) and Power (Acceleration/Elapsed Time analysis).
    • “Porpoise Analysis” - unique AR® “X-Porpoise” feature that automatically shows hull's susceptibility to porpoising assessed throughout the full operating velocity range.
    • NEW “Performance Analysis Wizard” (Report Writer).
    • NEW 2013 Motor Wizard with over 1350 OEM engine choices in a selection database, making input of your engine data to TBDP©/VBDP© as simple as picking your motor from a list.
    • Quick Design Wizard - easy to start your design by selecting one of many 'typical' design outlines (with full Input dimensions and setup details) for 'Performance Tunnel hull/Power cat', 'Recreational Tunnel Outboard’, 'Offshore Fishing/Utility', 'Racing tunnel', 'RIB tunnel', 'RC tunnel', 'Vee hull' and ‘Vee-Pad’ designs.
    • Ten NEW Design Wizards - Propeller Wizard; Motor Selection Wizard; Miscellaneous Payload Weight Wizard; Angle Increment Calculator; Quick Design Wizard; WAngle Calc Wizard; Deadrise Wizards; Power Calc Wizard; Velocity Calc Wizard; Expanded Wizard Tutorial and the extraordinary Performance Analysis Wizard (Report writer).
    • “Design-versus-Design Comparison Graphic” screens - compare the performance results of 2 (or many) design features.
    • Advanced Cockpit/Cowling/Fairing drags - NEW analysis for aerodynamic drag; Cockpit/Cowling/Fairing analysis considers profile, friction and even complex cavity drag. NEW multiple cockpit/cowling design configurations to select from, including Open, Covered, Race Canopy, even a Cuddy Cabin.
    • Now calculates hydrodynamic drag of ANY lower unit design; includes standard design specs for 31 OEM drives.
    • Trim Tabs & Lifting Strakes.
    • Propeller sizing.
    • NEW On-Line HELP screens (100+ pages); NEW 80+ page User’s manual.
    • User Picture Import.
    • Auto Bottom Design - for Vee hull design, bottom dimensions are automatically adjusted when a “pad” is added or removed (helpful for easy pad vs. no-pad comparisons). For tunnel hulls, auto adjustment for center-pod changes.
    • “Automatic Static CG” on-screen calculation for any hull configuration.
    • "Change in Value" (derivative of the performance measure) feature on graphic performance results screens and reports – makes it even easier to see break points of performance issues, showing “how fast is it changing” data.
    • And a long list of other great new features and enhancements, including: Dozens of other new features and design options include:
    • Improved aerodynamic algorithms; even more accuracy, even more hull configurations.
    • Improved drag algorithms for more types of cockpit and cowling configurations.
    • Symmetrical or asymmetrical sponsons.
    • On-screen display of automatically calculated total hull weight and cg.
    • Multiple spray rail design selection.
    • Aerofoil dimensions view feature.
    • Multiple Step selection design frame.
    • Minimum wetted sponsons/vee surface length.
    • Maximum wetted sponsons/vee surface length.
    • Cg on-screen calculation.
    • Automatic WAngle increase.
    • Automatic Blowover check and alert.
    • Automated 'head/tail wind' simulation.
    • Center pod W-Angle input.
    • Accurate Top Speed prediction.
    • Acceleration modeling with elapsed time prediction.
    • Angle increment calculator.
    • Velocity range calculator.
    • Motor height calculations.
    • 40+ color graphic performance charts.
    • Euro units version with auto conversion between USA & metric for inputs and performance results.
    • Multiple engine/drive applications.
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