• Livorsi Marine LED Position Indicators Compatible With NMEA 2000 and SmartCraft Devices

    Livorsi LED Position Indicators for: Tabs, Drives, Jack plates, Rudder, Fuel or Water Level

    The LED position indicators eliminate the need for mechanical 33C cables which are typically used for drive and tab indication. These cables have a tendency to deteriorate, will fail over time, and are inaccurate due to lost cable motion. With the Livorsi LED indicators, mechanical cables are replaced by more reliable network wiring that allows 'plug n play' connectivity into existing tab or drive position sensors.

    Another valuable feature is the single middle green LED. During calibration, this LED display can be set to indicate 50% of actuator travel, fuel level or whatever you are monitoring. What makes it so special is that it allows you to establish the optimum running angle - or sweet spot (not at 50%), to dial-in the vessel for optimal running efficiency so the novice boater always runs at the correct trim.

    If you do not have drive trim or tab sensors, we have the solution. For applications or retrofits that do not have electronic position sensors, Livorsi can provide you with a mechanical to electronic converter solution

    No matter what information you are looking to display (fuel level, drive trim, tab position, etc.), the data is brought into the communication network with 'plug n play' harnessing and is received (Rx) via the network cable to the LED indicator for display. The LED indicator can also transmit (Tx) this information via CAN bus to other compatible displays such as Garmin, Lowrance or Raymarine via NMEA 2000® or SmartCraft® (with Gateway).

    Receive and Transmit information between the indicator and screen display
    If your boat is already transmitting (Tx) NMEA 2000® data (tabs, drives, fuel level, water level, rudder angle, etc.), simply plug the indicator into the NMEA 2000® backbone to begin displaying the desired feature on the indicator.

    Summary of Features

    • Compatible with SmartCraft® (with Gateway) and NMEA 2000® Devices
    • Supports 0-5 volt or resistive type sensors
    • Fill bar type- multiple LEDs lit in a row starting from top or bottom
    • Pointer type - one LED pointer displays your position/level top or bottom
    • All electronics are environmentally sealed
    • Simple plug and play installation
    • 17 LED lights per slot with a red LED warning light located at the bottom of the slot
    • The green LED in the center may be calibrated to show optimum run angle (sweet spot) for drives, tabs, etc.
    • Built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts to ambient light levels with 250 brightness intensity levels
    • Has the ability to compensate for non-linear tanks giving you accurate readings
    • 1 to 4 slot configurations, vertical or horizontal
    • Wide input supply voltage of 7-32 VDC with reverse polarity protection
    • Indicators are available in a variety of colors to match your Livorsi gauges and accessories

    Indicator Pricing begins at $714.00
    For more information please call visit our website, call Livorsi at 847.752.2700
    or email sales@livorsi.com.
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    1. Air&Sea's Avatar
      Air&Sea -
      I installed one as a trim indicator on my 300xs and it works great. Very accurate readings and simply plugged into the SmartCraft gateway. If you have a modern digital engine with a digital trim sender this is a much better alternative to a mechanical gauge. What I particularly like is that you can custom calibrate the gauge. I set the full up reading at a trim position only a little above what would be my highest trim setting while running the boat. Using the full scale of the gauge for a small distance of trim travel made it very sensitive and accurate to the slightest change in trim position.
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