• Outerlimits Sets Vee Bottom Kilo Speed Records

    Mercury Racing Blog, by Rick Mackie

    Congratulations to Mike Fiore, Brian Forehand, Joe Sgro and Dr. Michael Janssen in establishing all new Unlimited Vee Bottom and 525 EFI Super Vee Light kilo speed records. The American Power Boat Association sanctioned the special event records for Outerlimits Powerboats. I first learned of the initial record via a Speed on the Water post early Monday. Brian (Forehand) drove and throttled the SV 43 Outerlimits, powered by twin 1650 RACE sterndrives, to a two-way average speed of 174.938 mph. The former vee bottom kilo record of 171.88 mph was set by Reggie Fountain and Ben Robertson in 2004. Fountain and Robertson drove a 42-foot Fountain on the same course as used today.

    Early this morning my phone lit up with multiple messages – the first being from Mike (Fiore); post this on Facebook right away. I was ecstatic to learn Brian (Forehand) and and Joe (Sgro) made back-to-back passes of 179.500 mph and 181.422 in the SV 43 for a new vee-bottom kilo speed record of 180.47 mph! Reggie Fountain was top of mind since Monday. His record of 10 years is broken and not by a Fountain. His former employee was behind the wheel for multiple records and all of the action took place in front of his house. I had to call him.

    Worlds fastest vee-bottom strolling down the Pamlico. Photo Credit: David Clark.

    “I’m glad they got it,” were the first words Reggie expressed regarding the event. He went on to say, “If I had to buy a vee-bottom today, I would buy it from Mike Fiore.” I was curious as to Reggie’s feelings regarding the event taking place on the same water he and Benny had established the record 10 years previously. “#1, it’s a good spot to run kilos – 25 to 30 records have been set here. #2, it’s a surveyed course. #3, its protected water and #4, Brian knows the river,” said Reggie. “Brian worked for me right out of high school. He did a great job and learned a lot about boats. He tested boats and evolved into a great driver,” Reggie said. “When Brian left

    Fountain he started his own business (Marker 17 Marine) and established a relationship with Outerlimits. He also has a good relationship with Doc Janssen, a former Fountain Super Vee Lite racer,” said Reggie.The kilo speed records were special events for Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats.

    “I watched the runs from my house – the course runs right past it,” Reggie told me. The boat (unlimited vee bottom) looked fast and realistic to the speeds being recorded. I can tell he had a good set of motors in it,” said Reggie. “Mike and his crew did a good job of setting the boat up. Mercury Racing did a good job with the engines. I have nothing but kind words and high compliments for Mike Fiore, Mercury Racing, Brian Forehand, Joe

    Sgro and Doc Janssen,” Reggie concluded. I had to share Reggie’s quote with Mike. He called back saying he had to read it three or four times. He was humbled by Reggie’s kind comments.

    525 EFI Super Vee Light Record
    Brian went on to drive and throttle Snowy Mountain Brewery, a 30-foot Outerlimits powered by a single 525 EFI sterndrive. His combined passes of 100.365 mph and 101.311 mph resulted with a new 525 EFI Super Vee Light kilo speed record of 100.840 mph. The run eclipsed the previous record of 89.672 mph set by Steve Miklos in a 29-foot Extreme V-bottom powered by a 525 hp General Motors Vortec engine.

    All of us at Mercury Racing are proud of Outerlimits and their accomplishment. We would also like to thank the APBA and rescue personnel who ensured the safety of everyone involved. I would like to thank Speed on the Water masterminds Matt Trulio and Jason Johnson for their outstanding coverage of this historic event.

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      Outerlimits is not getting the svl record since the boat was not legal for that class. Apba is going to give it a different designation
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