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    It’s been a busy summer. Last week we introduced our new 520 sterndrive and our our new mobile marketing truck at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Missouri. It was developed to provide recreational boaters a low-cost option for gaining access to Mercury Racing’s exclusive group of high-performance sterndrive propulsion systems. By the response we’ve received thus far, the engine package is destined to be the power behind a variety of recreational boating applications including runabouts, sport boats and cruisers. Did I mention pontoons?

    Based on the 8.2L cylinder block – the 520′s cylinder bores are punched out to 4.560″ for a total of 8.6L of displacement. The larger displacement, combined with Mercury Racing cylinder heads, multiport fuel injection and an electronic throttle body results with more torque than the 525 EFI and nearly 100 additional horsepower over MerCruiser’s 430 h.p. 8.2L MAG HO. All from 87 posted octane (R+M)/2 or (91 RON) (global) pump gas!

    Two-Year Warranty
    The 520 is our first sterndrive to be backed by a two year limited factory warranty. Robust valve train components including a hardened camshaft are used for enhanced durability. Performance cam profiles, combined with larger valves, pack more air through the engine for greater power and torque. Greater displacement, combined with enhanced airflow, results in unprecedented mid-range punch and consistent pull through the engine rpm operating range.

    Digital Age
    The 520 features the same Propulsion Control Module (PCM 09) microprocessor as found on the 565 and QC4v family. In addition to digital throttle and shift control, the PCM optimizes fuel delivery and spark timing independently for each cylinder for enhanced engine running quality, performance, fuel economy, and durability.

    The PCM computer also drives Mercury Racing’s exclusive Engine Guardian System. Engine Guardian monitors engine functions and indicates when parameters go out of specified range, minimizing the risk of engine damage. This “smart” technology not only detects and alerts the boater of a problem; it also processes the data and reduces power to a maximum, safe level that allows the boater to continue operation. Additionally, Engine Guardian has the ability to proactively prevent engine overheating by sensing not only engine temperature, but exhaust coolant temperature as well. By sensing engine coolant and exhaust coolant temperatures, the system can take action in advance by reducing engine power before temperature related engine damage occurs.

    The PCM enabled system also features one-touch Smart Start and automatic throttle synchronization. Furthermore, it enables shadow mode for multiple engine applications, where two throttle levers can operate up to four engines.
    Our new Zero Effort Digital controls, available at year end, go hand in hand with the new DTS equipped 520 sterndrive.

    Rigging Bits and Bytes
    Although it shares some of the DNA from it’s 8.2L MAG HO cousin, the 520 uses hydraulic steering and thus it is rigged similarly to our Bravo based sterndrive product. This means boats rigged with our high performance Bravo transom will need to apply transom mounted hydraulic steering rams for the drive(s). Consumers have an option to purchase our Integrated Transom System (ITS) that includes the hydraulic steering rams for a clean, functional installation. Tie-bars are required for all multiple engine boats equipped with external hydraulic steering. Digital throttle and shift rigging is a snap when compared to the running of cables for mechanical rigs.

    Color Options:
    A total of 11 color options, including the standard Mercury Racing Blue Metallic, are available to fit virtually any style or theme.

    Power to the Water:
    The 520 is available with Bravo One XR, Bravo One XR Sport Master (standard and short) and Bravo Three XR drive options. The Mercury Racing Integrated Transom System (ITS) is also available. A wide variety of Mercury Racing propellers are available for enhanced performance in virtually any application.

    TEAM Accredited
    The 520 is supported by the world’s largest marine service network of dealers and Mercury Racing’s Total Engine Application Management (TEAM) initiative. The standardized TEAM process ensures proper installation of the engine with factory specified components, providing maximum performance along with unmatched quality and durability.

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