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    We spend a lot of time in validating our products. This is because we are responsible for entire propulsion systems – not just independent components. Everything (engines, transmissions, drives and propellers) must work together and be tolerant of each other. This includes oils and lubes. They are the system’s lifeblood.

    We validate our engines using specific oil types and weights. Same goes for the drives and lubes. Over the years, our two-stroke outboards have evolved from electronic fuel injection to OptiMax low-emissions direct fuel injected technology. Similarly, our higher horsepower sterndrives have evolved from traditional 2-valve, push rod engines to a quad cam, four valve engine of our own design. Oil and lube requirements have evolved along with the products

    Today, we offer our own line of 2-stroke and 4-stroke oils and gear lube. Mercury Racing 2-Stroke Engine Oil is recommended for our line of OptiMax outboards including the 250 SportXS and 300XS consumer outboards and 200XS SST and 200XS ROS race outboards. It is validated for use with standard and ProXS OptiMax models as well.

    Mercury Racing 4-Stroke Engine Oil is the lifebood of our sterndrive engines, from the 525 EFI to the all-new 1650 RACE. It is also recommended for use in the 350 SCi Verado outboard and is validated for use in all standard and Pro FourStroke Verados. Our 60 EFI FormulaRace outboard performs best when fed this enriched fluid as well.

    Our all-new gear lube replaces a synthetic lube previously used on our high end surface drives. It is used in all gearcases built at Mercury Racing. Outboard gearcases include Fleet Master, Torque Master and Sport Master, IV SSM and VI SSM. Sterndrive gearcases include the dry-sump NXT1, NXT6 and M8 as well as Bravo One XR Sport Masters.

    Mercury Racing oils and lube are available for purchase from your local Mercury Outboard or Mercury MerCruiser Sterndrive dealer. Part numbers are as follows:

    • 2-Stroke Engine Oil -1 U.S. Gallon: 92-8M0078011; MSRP $51.00 ea. (sold @ 3)
    • 4-Stroke Engine Oil -1 U.S. Gallon: 92-8M0078014; MSRP $41.45 ea. (sold @ 3)
    • Gear Lube – 1 Quart: 92-8M0078015; MSRP $18.32 ea. (sold @ 6)
    • Gear Lube – 5 U.S. Gallon: 92-8M0078016; MSRP $316.65

    Protect your investment. Regular maintenance using factory approved oils and lubes will ensure hassle free time on the water and away from the service bay.

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