• Mercury Racing Blog: Mercury Racing puts up Big Numbers at LOTO

    Outerlimits’ Mike Fiore was the first person I called upon seeing the Lake of the Ozarks (LOTO) Shootout results. Mercury powered Outerlimits won four classes. Mike won the NV2F1 (single engine production vee bottom) class with a top speed of 99 mph in Mike Everson’s 565 powered SV29. A Bravo One XR Sport Master coupled to a 32″ Lab Finished Maximus propeller put the power to the water.

    “It’s really impressive if you think about it. The new 565 provides the same performance as the 600 SCi, Mike said. Mike continued, “We were 15 mph faster than the next boat in our class. That is huge – particularly given the 565 is naturally aspirated”

    Bob and Randy rollin’ at 186 mph in Bob’s 48 MTI powered by twin 1350s. Photo credit: Naples Image.

    Outerlimits also had the fastest production twin engine vee bottom. Joel Begin, with Mike on the sticks, drove his 1350 powered SV52 to 138 mph for the Professional V Top Gun title. Other Outerlimits titles included Glenn Kennedy’s 125 mph run in his 1075 SCi powered 43 and Jeff Henry’s 109 mph run in 700 SCi powered 44. As expected, Mike is pumped. “There were 20 Outerlimits there between those based at the Lake and those who travelled from across the country for the poker run and shootout,” Mike said. “I’m also pleased with how Doc Janssen’s SV29 Super Vee Lite race boat turned out. I could not have done a better job choreographing the Super Vee Lite drag race between Doc’s new SV29 and his Watch Your Back Fountain [both with 525 EFI power]. That paid for the trip in spades,” Mike concluded.

    SBI Superboat World Champion Bob Bull, with Randy Scism on the throttles, drove his 1350 powered 48-foot MTI 186 mph to capture the Manufacturer Cat Top Gun title. This run was with Bob’s pleasure boat, not his full-race MTI.

    John “KAP” Caparell had the fastest catamaran in MCO3S2 (twin engine stock outboard class), piloting his beautiful OptiMax 300XS powered Doug Wright to 113 mph!

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