• Livorsi Marine - Livorsi Goes Fly-By-Wire, No More Cables

    A system that replaces manual cables in a boat or aircraft with an electronic interface.

    Livorsi has spent countless hours researching and has developed several products that minimize (and in some cases eliminate) mechanical systems and componentry, replacing them with an electronic interface. Such technology provides users with accuracy, dependable plug and play systems and immediate response times.

    Adjustable LED Indicators
    Available Summer 2012

    Adjustable LED indicators can be applied to a wide range of applications such as tabs, drives, jackplates, rudder indicators, water level or fuel level senders. This revolutionary indicator can be set to read CAN Bus protocols (J1939 or NMEA 2000®), as well as analog inputs. Mechanical cables have been completely eliminated, giving you precise, immediate readings.

    In a two slot application, these indicators can receive up to two analog inputs (0-5 volts or resistive sensors) which then can be transmitted to the NMEA 2000® network straight to your compatible Garmin, Lowrance or Raymarine display. If your system is already set up and sending NMEA 2000® tab data, just plug the indicator into the NMEA 2000® bus to begin displaying the tab position.

    Adjustable LED Indicators are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 slot configurations in both vertical and horizontal layouts. Livorsi Marine has developed these indicators to fit a variety of applications while eliminating mechanical components.

    Livorsi DTS Controls

    With Mercury Marine’s permission, Livorsi was able to utilize SmartCraft® DTS technology to build their own version of DTS throttles and controls. Livorsi Smartcraft® DTS controls provide smooth and safe shifting. Direct drive of throttle position sensors results in faster response times giving you complete control of your boat. Designed to work on all Mercury and Cummins I/O and OB DTS engines.

    Vantage View ®

    Vantage View® instruments are CAN based instruments display real-time data and compiles the information into one gauge- the Master Tach. This tachometer features an analog RPM readout with a built-in LCD screen that displays all the information your engine's ECM/ ECU provides. Vantage View® is designed to work with any SmartCraft®, NMEA 2000®, SAE J1939 or GM MEFI engine. Engine Faults and Warnings, programmable alarms, trim calibration and fuel management are just a few of the valuable tools these instruments provide.

    In this digital age, Livorsi prides itself in providing the marine market with the tools and technology necessary for today’s world. Integrating these fly-by-wire systems provides users with a comprehensive view a vessels operating conditions and an overall safer experience.

    For more information please call Livorsi at 847.752.2700.