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Raceboat Rus
01-20-2002, 10:53 AM
The “Radical Boat Reunion” will take place again this year in Palatka Fla. At the beautiful Holiday Riverfront on the banks of the St Johns River. This event will take place on the dates of April 26,27, 28, on Friday the 26th we will be having registration for the event with Free beer and soft drink social in the parking lot where event guests can quench there thirst show off there boat compare note and meet new friends. On Saturday the 27th there will be continued registration and for those who brought their boat and care to show off their boat. The St Johns River awaits your indulgence. The river has NO SPEED LIMITS and in Palatka there is water to suite all types of boats; big wide open water for those mega power offshore guys and lots of tree sheltered flat river for the river/lake racer guys. *** On the that Saturday evening the host Hotel will be serving a great meal for event guest, at the banquet we will show pictures and videos of the days adventures. And give prizes for oldest boat, far tow award, a hard luck prizes.... And lots of others. there will be prizes, and fun for all this food and drink are free for registered event guests. On Sunday morning 28th we are looking into putting on a performance and safety clinic where the best experts in the industry will evaluate your boat and point out tips on how to make your boat perform better. Later Sunday we will be trekking up to Silver Glenn Spring to enjoy the clearest cool water running spring in Fla. there we can exchange thank yours and good bys . For more information call Raceboat Rus 407 299 2427 or E-mail RaceboatRus@compaq.net To make hotel reservation call Holiday Inn riverfront 386 328 3481 ask for Miss Alta make mention of the Radical Boat Reunion to get a special rate. call early the rooms fill quick.

*** Please note that due to concerns of liability and safety; Neither Rus Matos nor anyone associated with the Radical Boat Reunion or the South Eastern Hot Boat Association can encourage any persons to run or operate there boat in any specific manner. Each person who brings a boat to this event should note that they have the same responsibility here as they do at any other time they operate there boat. The manner that persons operate their boat is at their discretion and their responsibility.................................. Yes you can still have fun, but be safe we want to see you for years to come.