View Full Version : Maintenance schedule for OptiMAX 225 05'

06-02-2005, 07:05 AM
I wonder about what is the factory schedule for the Optimax 225.Is anyone know anything about that.I want to know the exactly informations about the first 50 hours service.
Thank You:):)

06-12-2005, 08:51 PM
They don't specify anything at 50 hours....but they recommend some basic items every 100 hours or once Yearly, whichever comes first:
1. lube all lubricant points
2. inspect and clean spark plugs
3. replace water seperator
4. replace air intake filter
5. check corrosion control anodes
6. change gearcase oil
7. lubricate driveshaft and shift shaft splines (in other words, remove gearcase and re-install
8. check power trim fluid
9. inspect battery
10. check control cable adjustments
11. check tightness of bolts, nuts and fasteners

At 300 hours:
1. replace water pump impeller
2. inspect alternator belt and air compressor belt for wear.

It's all basic stuff that most any outboard should have done every year.

But, of coarse, if you have an ETEC....you are NOT supposed to do anything for 3 years!! good luck on that!