View Full Version : Fuel system & plate

08-05-2004, 10:03 PM
Finally completed this nightmare and ready to polish and paint.
Flow left to right on the top and then to the EFI pump from the bottom.

Haven't weighed it all yet but the plates 2.5lbs EFI and its mounts 2.5lbs tank is 5 lbs.
All of that adds to 11lbs. Don't know the other pump or filter but feels like about 25 lbs total.

To be added is a fuel sender on the top of the tank. Since the EIS has a fuel level gauge which isn't being used figured its an ideal set up. It has alarm sets for the stuff so if this tank goes 3/4 or 1/2 an alarm will go off.

The plate is mounted to the left transom knee with the filter forward sose I can get to it. The angle row of holes is about the knees hieght there.

The tank was a major hold up. Did 2 lost foam castings and gave that up, went to a strictly machined tank. Top, pipe, bottom. O-ring seal and a gasket on the cylinder ends. Might be welded in the future but wait to see how it holds up.

08-05-2004, 10:12 PM
The EFI pump has a unique mount me thinks. Was going to do a split mount that screwed together with an rubber cushion.... THEN. Why split it? A groove was milled in them and the pump rides in the captive O-ring. No clamps only about .008" of a press fit from the O-rings. Really don't know that since thats out of my ability to measure.:p It don't want to slide on dry but wet slips right on.
The small ridge on the pump sits on the upper mounts O-ring.

This is something the aftermarket dudes should offer, with them both mounted to a plate. No squeeze and simple to install. Nice safe cradle.
The pump was mounted with both clamps on it and I guessed wrong for alignment, its a bit crooked on the plate but considering it won't be seen at this angle much less seen at all:eek: