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10-18-2001, 03:56 AM
ooops..... I put this in the technical discussion forum and just now realized that it might be the wrong place to drop. Give me some insight on this. I'm taking notes and buying parts...

Alright, I'm bored out of my pathetic mind and need to talk boating to someone. This guard duty is killing me and I'm a wishing I was back home working on the rig. Here's what I've got. I bought an old (I believe the title says '80 year model) Vector with an old Black Max (this is how old the motor is) 175 Merc. The only reason why I bought the thing was because it was going at a steal and I had to have it. You know,,, investment purposes right? And these are the classic needle point ski boat in my mind.

So here's the deal. I wont be home for a long while yet (about 12 mos) but I still want to get my game plan together about the rig. I've never really owned a real sport boat besides a Stratos/150marn. (60ish) bass rig and a Sunbird bowrider/160 omc. (50ies) I figured for the money spent on this one, I could do some of the minor glasswork myself, and maybe even give turning wrenches a try on the engine. LOL. Jack of all trades, master of none...

After having read some articles on the Hydrostream Registry, I was a bit worried as far as the boat I've bought. I love the old styling of it and have seen so many on the rivers back home pass me up on the bass rig like I was standing still. Never really noticed them at anything less than half throttle. Even then they still seem to be just effortlessly making way. The Registry talked about them having a bit of a porpise problem at medium speeds (thinking 20-40 mph) I'm not one to like WOT all the time but not sitting around at displacement speed either. I understand that as far as planning with the big merc, I might need to add a plaining aid of some sort to the foot but once I get up and runnin' how will that effect the perf. then? How about adding a few pounds to the bow?

I'm thinking that a good (used of course) hydro jack plate would help me there and it would lift the cav plate above the water line while at speed therefore having less effect at planing speed.??? I could then lower it while maybe pulling a skier right??? I need to get these ideas together guys.

The boat is not what I'd call seaworthy just yet. Transome was at best shot to heck. I did see a mushroom growing out of a drain hole! Uh huh. I can hear you now. However my dad has a buddy that does glass work for a living and can 'show' me how to do it. Then comes the deck and the flooring. I'm almost scared to even look at the stringers once we remove the floor. Transome I can handle, but.. The engine fired up but had a bit of a miss to it and was real faded from being in the weather most of it's life. The trailer is actually the best part of it. But I wanted to dump the engine just to put a load on the prop and see how it'd handle it. You know putting the water hose to it is one thing, it has no load. Either way I was buying the boat. So on the way home, I decided to at least back it down the ramp and put a load on the prop. Idles fine, but once in gear, Burrrp. Carb job is in definite order, might even do a little extra, Bobs nose, reeds, and just a few other mods but mainly going to keep it stock. At least that's what I'm saying now. But as long as it doesn't cost me 10k to get it in shape, I'll enjoy the work. Can you say REAL PROJECT BOAT here? I'm just currious. I've read some great articles on your projects. The info has been top notch.

Thanks to all of you guys. I have a while to wait before this will all start to unfold but heck, I'm even buying a few parts for it now and having them shipped here and to the folks house!!!!!! I just bought a 24" stock chopper. Maybe too much prop, too little, but I'll get there someday to find out. I've got it now!

Take care and give me some insight on this. The boat will be used for cruising, 2-3 people, skiing here and there (not a lot), and of course I want it to be able to hit the 80's. Am I reaching for too much? By the way, I forgot your handle (ShipBear is it?), but you're from Mobile, AL. My old stompin' ground, there and around P'cola/Destin area. I might be needing to look you up to pick your brain.

Thanks once again, Jamie Keep up the great work, and those photos from Jasper,,,, OH YEAH!!!!!

:confused: :p

10-22-2001, 07:51 AM
I know that it is tempting to do all kinds of modifications at once "since the boat is down, anyway". However, I would highly recommend against it.

Start by getting the basic things in order so that you can run the boat, e.g. rotten transom, cleaning out carbs etc. Then do improvements one after the other so that you can see what makes things better and what makes things worse, e.g. jack plate, whale tail, set back, props etc.

Sorry for not being able to help about the specifics about your boat, but know from personal experience how easy it is to get carried away and end up with a boat that won't come on plane and not being sure about why since so much has changed since last time you ran it.