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12-04-2003, 10:34 AM
Very soon the members of APBA will get a ballot/proxy to elect the officers that will lead them into the future. The ballot is for the Board of Directors and Council of APBA. The list this year is the largest in recent memory.

I am seeking a position on the Board of Directors. I am asking all of you to consider your support for me.

As a current racer/ and president of a club that conducts races, I have a real feel for what is really going on in APBA and where it should go in the future.

We need to expand the direction of APBA, particularly as it applies to the grass roots racer and clubs. This includes the areas of promotion, marketing and cost containment. We need to stop passing rules that in the end only hamper the development of our sport and the involvement of new and current racers. We must make APBA more responsive and user friendly.

As OPC Chairman during my term we stopped the loss of members and in the second year actually gained a few over the previous year. The first time that had happened in over 10 years.

I have dedicated a great deal of my time and resources to APBA. I now ask for your support. Please pass this word on to your fellow drivers, crew, officials and other APBA members.

Thank you,
Jeff Grigg

APBA Profile
Jeff W. Grigg started his racing career in the mid 1970’s running a J Production, OPC boat in Miami, Fla.. Since that time he has raced both OPC and Inboard in the J Production, Sport E, Jersey Speed Skiff, and Formula V classes.

He has been an OPC referee for the last 20 years. He has also served as an Inboard Referee and has officiated at the Inboard North American Championships, and Inboard Nationals. He has refereed at the OPC Nationals, Divisionals, Regionals and World Championships. He is also a current OPC Inspector.

Jeff has served as Commodore of the South Florida Outboard Club and is the present President of the National Outboard Racing Association, which he has held for the past 12 years. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the South Florida Outboard Club, the Florida Inboard Racing Club and the National Outboard Racing Association.

Jeff Grigg originated the APBA’s first web site, apba-boatracing.com. He produced the first and only product guide for APBA the APBA Product and Service Guide at no expense to APBA. Grigg also produced and originated the first nationally televised series of limited boats on national television the ESPN All American Challenge Series. Which showcased the talents of the limited inboard and OPC drivers in 1982. It was also the first time normal racing classes had been on national TV. This too at no expense to APBA.

On the national front Grigg has served for many years as an OPC Commissioner as well as the OPC Chairman. He had also served two terms on the APBA Board of Directors representing the category chairmen. He has also served on the Special Events Committee. For the past four years he has been a member of the APBA Council elected in an at large position.

Jeff Grigg still continues to race and recently won his third National Championship. He is married to Barbara Grigg who is an OPC Scorer and has one daughter Jaclyn who formerly raced Performance Inflatables, now Superlight Tunnels.

12-04-2003, 05:10 PM
:) Hey Jeff, you got my vote if you put Mod-U's in SC....LOL:D :D ...LOL....just kidding ;) ...you got my vote if I have any:) :)