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Scream And Fly
11-10-2003, 12:54 PM
Something new is coming to Scream And Fly!

Coming in 2004 is the unveiling of a new website that will be part of Scream And Fly.
The new website will be Scream And Fly Racing located at www.screamandflyracing.com. (http://www.screamandflyracing.com.)

Basically, Scream And Fly Racing will be our dedicated effort to support the racers in our community. The website aims to take racing promotion to a new level.

Every racer that is willing to participate, no matter of organization, will have their own profile page, including racer bio information, pictures, videos, sponsor information, race achievements, and more. I feel that the personality behind the wheel of the race boat is very important. Further, the increased exposure could help racers gain sponsorship.

The new website will also feature a racing history section, profiling past racers and events, as well as a race gallery that will become a central location for classic race photos on Scream And Fly.

I have unlimited resources to devote to this project, so I believe it could be an outboard racing website that is worthy of the integrity you have all given to Scream And Fly.

For those that are willing to be featured in the new website, please contact me. When we start adding the racer profile pages, Ill contact you for the required information. Throughout the year I will be adding members, and gathering photos and videos for the profile pages.

The new website will go live in January, 2004 and it will constantly be updated with racer profiles and history information and photos.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I would love to hear them! You can mail me or call anytime at 516-244-3763.