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09-01-2003, 09:25 PM
I figure I would bury way down here that thinger in my signiture.
From an earlier thread on cleats I had my mind changed on cleats and decided on the pin cleat type. Previous they were going to be pnuematicaly powered pop up cleats, 1 cylinder on the dash was the power source.
mcmaster carr has a heavy duty stainless steel pin with a cross bar so that will be the pin, can even use the cross bar as a mini bollard like tie up.
Since my cleat use is launching and the very rare tie up at a dock. (most around here suck). decided that a simpler cleat to be better and I have to reach it by hand anyway so why pop it up remotely?

The available hardware is taboo or overpriced or just plain ugly (subjective). Besides I don't get to stretch my styling abilities. buy and bolt ain't my way.
These aren't only the cleats but the 2 navigation lights on the bow. A groove gets cut centrally to imbed the LEDs.
The sig really don't show all of it but it's a flat raindrop about 3/8"or so thick. A bit big but visually if not aerodynamicly streamlined. A post on the bottom is the mount and drilled for the pin. Dirt simple. Still needs to be polished but broke my belt and am polishless now.

Just trying to corrupt -:rolleyes: instill in people to do some of the simple things themselves.
Here is the same thing but the anchor light. This was hand shaped so don't need anything special to make special.

wing nut
09-01-2003, 09:32 PM
is it always gonna stick up? b/c otherwise how the hell u gonna get a grip on it and pick it up?


09-02-2003, 02:59 PM
It's not really finished yet. The top has to be polished and a hole drilled right through the top down the center of that post. The post has to be shortened to a specific length(length of pin bought).
The cleat don't do nothin but sit flat on the deck. The pin slides into the hole and locks there, that holds the rope.
In use you grabbs your rope with the pin already attached. Reach to the cleat and push the pins button, slide the pin in the hole and it's locked. Works like the socket hold on a socket wrench only more so.

Really more of a line anchor than a cleat since thats all it does.