View Full Version : advice on jack plate

08-18-2020, 06:46 PM
Just acquired an 84 Ranger 335V. Merc 115 has a bad #2 and I have a 115 OMC to put on it (convenient). I know this a lead sled, but I would like to put a jack plate on it while making the change. What setback is recommended (if any)? Just want to put a manual plate on because of cost. I welcome your suggestions. Anyone interested in an 83 Merc 115 with a bad #2 hole? It is 90#. Thanks

08-18-2020, 07:02 PM
I've never messed with a 335v but Rangers are usually heavy pigs. 6" is probably all your steering cables and rigging will stand as far as setback. With small power (115) all the setback you can get will help lever the bow up. Get a 6" plate. I like the Hydrodynamics Rapid Jack but there are cheaper options out there (Vance is a good cheap plate).