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07-23-2020, 07:41 PM
I have an opportunity to purchase a 92 gambler and I believe same year motor. I don’t have much knowledge on this combination other than gamblers reputation for speed. Test drove the boat by myself topped at 63mph at 6k rpms with 25 pitch 3 blade prop. Motor is still factory and compression cold is between 118-120 for all cylinders. Still has original oil set up. What can I expect to achieve out of this boat speed wise with modifications? What would be some recommendations? What would the value be on this set up? Has original trailer in good condition. All factory electronics work. No depth finders.

my goal is to to get back in a bass boat and break 70. I have owned two skeeter’s in the past with yamaha’s and have been out of the game for 10 years. The idea of this boat has ignited an old flame. I am trying to determine if this is the one for me or if I should keep on Looking.

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07-26-2020, 05:30 AM
look for a 20xd bullet.....

07-27-2020, 09:49 PM
Check out the gambler forums on bass boat central.

07-27-2020, 09:51 PM
70 is a reasonable goal