View Full Version : Carpet Adhesive?

01-22-2019, 07:01 AM
Looking for input on a good carpet adhesive? There seems to be a lot of choices. I have sealed the floor with resin. I say this because one of the brands I was considering won't work on basically anything but bare wood. I found this one listed on a few sights with Sportsman's Guide being the least expensive...

Any input would be appreciated!

01-22-2019, 07:51 AM
I used the higher quality plastic laminate adhesive (formica) like weld wood or 3-m brand. Apply to floor and carpet, let dry and it ain't coming off.....I cut the carpet to fit, roll it up to go on correctly then start at one end and apply glue to a 1-2 foot section at a time. A spray gun works best but a brush or roller will work too. You do it in small sections so the carpet has no wrinkles. Laquer thinner will soften and release the glue but is hard on the carpet if you make any mistakes. jm2cts.