View Full Version : Need help choosing setback for jackplate

08-19-2017, 04:45 PM
I have an 1986 cajun bassboat. It's 18'6" with a mariner 200, 25p tempest. I'm thinking I need a jackplate, but cant decide on the setback I need on for the jackplate. It will run right around 70mph on gps with 2 people with a light load at about 5500-5700 rpms. Any suggestions? The transom has about 5 inches of built in setback. I have a 6 inch non adjustable setback now. I'm wondering if that is too much setback for a bassboat. I'm pretty sure I need to get more motor out of the water because the exhaust reliefs are below the water line when I am trimmed all the way in and the cav plate is a little under water on the top hole. Thanks in advance.