View Full Version : Guitars - Acoustic and Les Paul

07-03-2017, 08:04 PM
I hate to see these two guitars go, but in the interest of funding a new boat they have to go on the chopping block.

Les Paul - this is a luthier made guitar (NOT A CHIBSON) It has a solid flame maple cap with a one piece african mahogany body and neck. The guitar is finished in nitro and has pickups wound by the guy that built the guitar out in california. It has a few flaws and for the purist the headstock shape isn't correct but its a looker and can coax a ton of different sounds out of this guy. The only major flaw in it is a headstock repair that I never noticed until recently. It's been that way all the years that I've had it and never had any issues at all. I'm asking $300+shipping obo

Ibanez AEF-30 - this is a beautiful acoustic and my older daughter is upset with me for selling this one. The finish is nearly flawless...action is a little high but have some space to file the bridge(i've been meaning to do it but haven't gotten around to it). The only thing wrong that I'm aware of is the battery leaked and corroded the battery compartment and then my 2yr old lost the cover. I was going to order a replacement from Ibanez but never got a chance - they run about $30 shipped. $125+shipping obo