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06-20-2017, 10:20 PM
Hello, I have a hewes lt20 with a 1994 Yamaha 200 pro v, the boat is a bit bow heavy, what prop would u guys recommend? I'm currently running a tempest plus that was originally a 23p and now is 21p, it's been cupped and raked, boat still doesn't ride right, no top end speed and my Roma are running higher than my actual speed for example if Roma r 4500 my speed is around 38mph.
yhanks for ur help!

06-22-2017, 12:14 AM
Lot of times when you de-pitch props they lose their correct blade shape. Try and find an original 21 pitch tempest and give that a shot. A yamaha M21 3 blade is a also a good prop for your hewes. It should get you closer to 1 mph per rpm.