View Full Version : APBA Region 4 (mid Atlantic)

04-04-2003, 09:05 PM
We are starting off at Millville, NJ (actually Region 3, though most of us will be there) May 3 & 4. Region 3 usually graces us with a "noise restricted" race at Lambertville, NJ the first weekend in June, too.

Our actual Region 4 debut this year will be May 17 & 18 at Camden, NC (just across the line from VA, near Elizabeth City NC). 4 weeks later we run one of the world's shortest, tightest courses at Denton, MD (not far from Delaware) June 14 & 15. Skip ahead 2 weeks and we are just down the road from Denton at Sharptown, MD (near Salisbury, MD and within sight of Delaware on the river!). The June 28 & 29 race at Sharptown is sanctioned through the American Outboard Federation, so don't look for it on the APBA schedule.

Millville will run the most popular Stock and Mod classes, no alkies; just the same, the popular Formula E Hydro class will run with several new rigs hoping to push FEH competition speeds close to 100 mph with lots of noise!

Camden has plenty of room for high speeds and is closer to the GA/FL alkie guys so there is usually a good turnout for all classes. There is a possibility of running the old 500cc open cockpit alky hydros at Camden on a tight "Sprint" course.

Denton may feature some alky classes (125, 250 maybe 350) and all the Stock and Mod classes, but even the 125 hp 350's have a hard time breaking 85 mph at Denton.

The AOF race at Sharptown is normally open to any Stock, Mod or Alky race boat/rig that the Referee and Race Committee deem is safe. Show up with an old Jones proprider and a 76ci 85hp Merc and you might be an "X" class hydro - - an 89ci OMC V-4 on a short tower and racing lower unit on a 13 or 14 foot DeSilva and you might be in "X" Runabout, as long as your equipment otherwise meets AOF safety rules for things such as kill switch, full carb butterflies etc. I asked once about bringing a 63.25 ci McCulloch rotary valve powerhead rig to Sharptown and the Referee said "Sounds like a 1100cc rig to me, bring it and I'll find a place for you to run."