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03-30-2003, 09:41 PM
The first meeting for NEODA took place this last weekend, there were a few changes, and i will list them. We would like to invite all you hot boaters to come out and race with us here in New England. If you are unsure if your boat will fit into our classes give me a shout and ill work it out.

We have adopted ODBA rules and weights for the following classes we are running.

1. Modified Production

2. River Racer

3. Super Stock

4. Factory Stock will use our current rules and weights with the following changes

1. A 2.5 200 That came with a 40 amp charging system will be allowed to run a 16 amp system with a flex plate flywheel. NO light aluminium flywheels will be allowed. A 25lb weight difference will be added to this set-up. OMC motors are allowed to " modify" their fly wheel. The safty inspecter will determine weather the "modification" is safe.

2. After market tuners will be allowed.

There will be more on these changes as soon as we are able to get them on our web site www.NEODA.org.

Safty Issues

Cut suits will be required this year. I know its going to be an aditional expense, but its something AOF now requires for everyone. This is how they keep the race fees down . If you are interested in one contact me as i am getting a price quote for a quantity. If you cannot afford one we may be able to borrow one at the race. Dont let this be a basis for not come to race, because we will find one for you.

Race Dates

Thompson Dam conn. July 7-8

Taunton Mass Sept 7-8

Worcester Mass Indian lake Sept 21-22

Any changes will be updated on our web site www.NEODA.org as soon as they become availible. See you at the RACES


06-28-2003, 08:19 PM
N.E.O.D.A will be having their season opener on July 11 and 12 with a test day all day friday the 10th. We would like to see as many new faces as possible at this season opener. It will be hels at the THOMPSON DAM in THOMPSON CONN.we are expecting about 20 or so drag boats and many hydros. This will be an AOF race and cut suits are required. If you do not own a cut cut suit we will have some available to borrow. All other safty equiptment will be requires as stated in the 2003 abpa rule book, If their are any quiestions feel free to e-mail myself, or lenny at dragboatlenny@hotmail.com. We hope to see you there. Directions will be posted in a couple of days.